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Our Wedding Day 24th of April 2009

I’m back!

and proudly as Mrs R! =)

We had a blast of a time and all 3 wedding celebrations went soo smoothly and wonderfully. The time of our lives. I’m still hanging out for our photos but thought I could take this chance to reflect back on our celebrations. Here is a sample of some professional photos that our photographer took… I’m really keen to see more!!

24th April 2009
On the 24th of April 2009, 5:30pm- we held our Perth solemization and reception. Oh what an amazing afternoon that was. It was raining the week before but that day..just that day was bright and sunny. As I checked into Duxton Hotel and getting all dolled up, I held tightly to our vows..and ponder and wonder about that day and our life together.

We decided to meet 15 minutes before the ceremony and that was probably the best decision we made that evening. Seeing him calmed my nerves. We happily discussed what happened the previous 2 days and prayed for the evening to go smoothly and our marriage to be blessed with forgiveness, love and faith.

Then it was time..and we walked down the white carpet together. I giggled and he slowly held me back..reminding me to walk slowly…savouring the moment.

And what a moment it was. We had a small ceremony with only about 15 ppl (including us) but it was the intimacy that was magical.

The vows were said.. my voice quivered, few tears rolled down.. while I slipped the ring on his finger. It felt right. This is our future.

Then we had photos taken.. we walked away hand in hand to have some alone time..and the reception.

Our host, a great friend from uni requested for guests to write little notes of what “love is…” to us.

Here are some of the notes that we recieved:

– Love is 3 parts affection, 7 parts understanding.
– Love is to say he is always Mr Right.
– Love is when Daddy or Mummy stays up all night to soothe me when I’m crying.
– Love is when you look into each others eyes and forget all your worries.
– Love is forgiving and knowing you will be together. No matter what.
– Love is when I say I’m hungry and he will cook.

We arranged for the teenagers or young ladies as I call them to take polaroid photos of everyone and to ask them to write little messages on the guest book. As we read back those messages, it really really warmed our hearts.

And we can’t go past the night without the traditional Yum Seng can we? *smiles*

I’m not sure if words can describe my emotions. Our Perth reception was kept simple but the simplicity worked for us. I felt happy, blissed and simply just content. At that moment, there was no reason to be unhappy but every reason to look forward to our future together. It is that powerful, that binding…

It is us.

The best thing is that because of our heritage and our families being overseas, we had two more to look forward to after that evening. More traditional and alot more people involved! Still, nothing can take away the magical and loved feel of the 24th of April 2009.

ps- our computer also crashed AND died on the 24th of April 2009 which makes it even more memorable huh? Becuase of that some of my files are lost and it will take me some time to upload some new recipes… but they will be back! =)


16 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day 24th of April 2009”

  1. Congratulations again!!! Both of you looked splendid!Two happy tears rolled down my cheeks for both of you, wishing both of you one happy life together!


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