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Char Siew Bao

Since getting a bread maker, my mind wanders to all the possibilities one can do with it. One of life little luxuries is to wake up to the scent of fresh bread…but given it makes dough, I begin to explore the option of making other dough food items with it as well.

My first attempt outside of break making is BAO- or a chinese dough wrapped around some filling. With my grandmother here a couple of weeks ago, we began a grand-daughter and grandma project- Char Siew Bao making!

She of course, decided to go with cooking the filling. First we bought some char siew, and she choppped it up into small pieces, frying it with some oyster sauce and sugar.

On my part, I followed instructions from my Christmas present… a book titled “Food around the world”.

And of course, in true blue Daphne fashion, things went wrong.

1) I added too much yeast. And our bao dough BALLONED into a HUGE mess! U should see the bread machine!

2) I did not add enough salt.. Yup! The dough was a little tasteless.

Nevertheless, my grandmother was braved enough to take a few bites..and then say…

“Not bad! The filling is good!”



13 thoughts on “Char Siew Bao”

  1. Never mind, try again. Am sure second time will be better. That reminds me I still have not tried out the recipe i got from the dim sum class i attended. I always thought of making it but never have the chance.


  2. precious pea- that’s right! hehe. I will try again! LOLbeach lover-the texture was ok..but a little tasteless! haha.. maybe i shld consider using pre mix too.joe- u can say that again!little corner- me too! aimei- ya! my grandma did an awesome job.monika- thanks for dropping by!kay- i think i need more help than u do..jackson- hahaa.. come and help!


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