9 Days to Christmas- Tuna and Egg Toasties with Muruku Salad

I like my carbs. Especially when they come in the form of fresh bread. Toasties are one of my favourite form of lunches-there is something heart warming about fresh bread and fillings that make brunches/lunches enjoyable. 

Looking back, egg sandwiches are what I know how to make first. I can still vividly recall the steps my mum taught me. This time round, I added some pistachio nuts for the added crunch. 

Growing up, I love Ayam brand chili tuna! In fact, I don’t think I ate other forms of tuna than that for many years.. until I discover other brands of chili tuna that does not have added oil in it. Still, if you ask me what is the best can of tuna-I would have to say Ayam brand! It certainly gives you the kick of spicyness. 

My love for spinach leaves can be seen (again!) here! But I was really bored with my salads that day and then decided to add a handful of muruku!! Not the healthest decision (And probably show how much I like eating them!) but it is certainly a tasty one. LOL 

Tuna and Egg Toasties with Muruku Salad

Tuna Toasties

1 can of chili tuna

 handful of cashew nuts


Turkish Bread

Egg Toasties

1 egg boiled, mashed and mixed with dijon mayo, salt, pepper

handful of pistachios

Turkish bread

Asemble sandwiches and toast them! =) 

NB: The last weekend was my uncle’s wedding…. hence the reason for the lack of posting! But to show how small Perth really is.. look who I bumped into that evening!!

That’s right! He is Samuel from Yummy Dummy!!! 

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