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25 Days to Christmas- Daphne’s Nachos

Where has all the time gone? A blink of an eye and it’s 25 days to Christmas. AR and I braved the shopping crowd yesterday and went Christmas shopping. The festive feel of Perth isn’t exactly …very festive but I still like visiting Santa Land in Myers (Departmental store). Can’t take the kid out of me. We were really proud of ourselves as we picked up some gifts for his little cousins, nieces and nephews.

A search through my folder made me realized that I did not post these nachos. I made them for a gathering and it was a hit. Who would have know that a few tablespoons of mango chutney in the beef mixture would create what a difference. Not only that, I used weight watchers sour cream-and no one could tell the difference!

Daphne’s Nachos
250 grams of lean beef mince
3-4 tablespoons of spicy mango chutney
1 tsp of garlic
1 can of chopped tomato
3 tsp of ground cumin
1 tsp of ground mixed spice

1 packet of corn chips
250 grams of low fat sour cream
few stalks of spring onion chopped
1 cup of low fat cheddar cheese
1 avocado sliced.

1) Heat oil in deep pan. Fry beef till nearly done. Add tomatoes and chutney. Add spice. Simmer for 5-10 mins. Season if needed.

2) Assemble nachos. Place beef mixture on first, followed by cheese, sour cream, avocado and spring onions.


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