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Crispy Tuna Salad

Greetings from Adelaide! AR and I travelled to Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland over the weekend and then over to Adelaide visit  one of my closest friend in Adelaide. Amazingly, it is a warm 32C here-I wonder what is it like in Perth?

Days like this makes me crave for cool salads. Might as well because my brain seems to stop thinking when I’m on hols. Much as I try to eat healthy, that seems to be thrown out of the window. Darn!

I discovered this recipe in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I love the crispy bits of the flat bread toasted over a hot frying pan. It adds alot of texture to a salad. I have a weakness for carbo and chips so this flat bread makes a good subsitution. I used chilli tuna in this version but I have also tried tuna in spring water/mayo and semi-sundried tomato for a bit of a change. It’s a good dish to bring to a bbq!

Crispy Tuna Salad

2 pieces of flat bread
2 cans of chili tuna
2-3 cups of salad leaves
1/2 a cucumber
1 avocado sliced and chopped
2-3 tablespoons of good olive oil (and more!)
1 tsp of chili powder

1) Heat large pan. Drizzle flat bread with olive oil and chili powder. Grill it till it becomes crisp. Tear it apart!

2) Assmble salad. Salad leaves, avocado, cucumber and tuna. Pile crispy bread on top. Drizzle more olive oil. Serve!


17 thoughts on “Crispy Tuna Salad”

  1. Daphne,I’m writing from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. What is chili tuna? Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I hope you’ll come often.


  2. hi everyone! I have been reading your comments. =)Mary-chili tuna is the same with the usual tuna that u get in cans, except they have been marinated or canned with chili before hand. Alternatively, try adding a chopped chili to your normal tuna + some lemon juice and marinate it for 5-10 minutes. =)


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