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Teriyaki Chicken Rice

I can’t believe how quickly the week is flying by! Worst-I haven’t blogged since Monday.

I hope I don’t get into the habit of having less than 3 posts a week… I wouldn’t like that.

Work is going well and I have great colleagues which makes the experience more enjoyable. Certainly work is demanding but I’m liking it. I’m finding myself feeling more tired than usual (possibly due to getting over the flu virus + starting new job + returning home late) and becoming lazier to cook! A mental note to myself is to start collecting recipes and food ideas that are freezer friendly so that I do not feel tempted to eat out often.

This is one recipe that was inspired by Mochachocorita. I didn’t realize how handy teriyaki sauce can be. It’s not for marinate but it makes a pretty good fried rice too. I wonder if this is freezer friendly though?

Teriyaki Chicken Rice (serves 4)
2 cups of rice cooked and cool overnight.
300 grams of chicken thigh/breast sliced across the grain
5 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce
3 cups of mixed chopped vegetables (I used a combination of cabbage, capsicum and beans).
sliced fresh chilli
3 eggs beaten

1) Marinate chicken with 2 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce and pepper for 15-20 minutes.

2) Heat wok till very hot. Cook chicken on high heat quickly. Dish it up.

3) Add rice and fry it till it’s jumping off the wok. Add vegetables and teriyaki sauce. Keep stir frying. Add chicken. Do a taste test at this point. Add seasoning if needed (I like to add more pepper). Make a well and add eggs. Cook till the eggs are nearly set. Toss egg through rice.

4) Serve rice with chilli.


13 thoughts on “Teriyaki Chicken Rice”

  1. I foresee myself being the same as you after I start work. Too tired to cook and blog. I am also thinking of freeze friendly or easy recipes these days. Take care, girl!


  2. getting into the habit of having LESS THAN 3 posts a week?? r u kidding me? i’m posting like, once every 3 weeks and i still find it tedious lol. don’t think i hv the stamina to blog anymore. i really admire yr stamina to blog, or is it an obsession? haha :p


  3. I have been feeling the same about posting not as often. I wish I have a robot that I can dictate to type! 😀 Fried rice is one of my comfort food and go to food when I am just beat from work!


  4. thanks for the idea! When I’m back to sG, I’m gonna buy a few bottles of teriyaki sauce so that I can have yummy meals like this in saudi next time.


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