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A few weeks ago, we bought durians. Best of all, they were from MALAYSIA! Ahhh.. Nothing beats Malaysia durians I think. These came in a box and were frozen but you can smell it even before it was defrosted. Surprisingly, these little babies were better than expected. I honestly think it’s because they were not Thai but were Malaysian durians.

I savored every bit of it. I think we had less than 12 seeds for AU$10-a shocker I know but worth every penny…..

Before my mother and father send me a flurry of smses warning me about the perils of eating durians while recovering from the flu, I should clarify this: I didnt eat the durians while I am sick… I’m merely drooling over this photo and wishing I could take a bite of it nowwwww *mouth wide open drool*


20 thoughts on “Durians!”

  1. I shared the same sentiments as you during my 4 years stay in Perth. I would go gaga over asian food stuff whenever I visited “Kong’s” the asian store at Nedlands. =)


  2. Glad you’re feeling better! It’s no fun being sick. You should be resting instead of blogging.GRRR! Blogger! I had left a comment on your mooncakes post about how nice they turned out and it disappeared. So again, good job! It’s hard to work with molds and get the images to come out right.


  3. Malaysian durian?!!! OMG! You have hit the jackpot. Congrats! Haha. I’m happy for you. I’m not keen on Thai ones. Maybe sis might like to try this out. 😉


  4. Dare I even say that this Malaysian doesn’t like durians? Boo hiss. When I was little my uncles would cart home durians by the basket from some remote village; now they’re available by the streets. Doesn’t feel the same. I do love the mangosteens that come along during durians! That counts for something, right?By the way, my mum used to mix water and salt into the durian cavity and make us drink that. It’s supposed to keep the sore throats at bay.Hope you’re feeling better, Daphne.


  5. you are sooo damn lucky! yeah .. durians from Malayia are the best. I bought a packet once from London and got sooo excited over it but upon opening the package, NO SMELL AT ALL! Blehhh … wonder where that came from. Haha


  6. Hi all!!! Wow! I’m so touched by all the reactions regarding the durian! hehee. Lianne, I think those are Thai durians? I tried it once and I was really disappointed too. It must he really expensive in London!!!!! dee-thanks for your kind words! I’m feeling alot better now! Hehhe.. back to my talkative self. LOL. jade- hey there!! I like Chan brothers better than Kongs though-they seem abit more pricey.Jun-u mean they dont hv durians in adel? nooo…


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