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Traditional Mooncakes

So after my attempt in making Snowskin mooncakes, I decided to roll up my sleeves and make traditional ones! Surprisingly, the dough for the traditional ones was easier to handle then snowskin ones.

I found out that the imprint wasn’t as clear if I use plastic moulds. Also, you can tell it was my first attempt because all the mooncakes were out of shape! hehehee. Duck eggs are really expensive in Perth-and I can’t even find decent ones! What we have are cooked ones imported from Taiwan. I suppose it is better than nothing.

I was called away for an emergency just as I was about to put these little gems into the ovens. So I just quickly draped a wet towel over it. When I return, the mooncakes looked a little….hmm..moist? I think it’s the heat that caused the dough to “melt” contributing to the disfigurement.

You can hardly see the words.
Disfigured mooncake?
A little better perhaps?
Too brown?
I can see the flower finally!
Innards. See the little egg yolk? =)

I was pleasently surprise by the differences between freshly made ones and store bought ones. They do taste different. The fresh one doesnt leave a oily feeling. The store bought ones are obviously better in presentation!!
Traditional Mooncakes (12 mini ones and 2 huge ones)
200 grams plainflour
60 grams peanut oil
130 golden syrup
1 tsp of alkaline water (I used bicarb soda mixed with warm water)

300 grams lotus paste
salted egg yolks

Egg glace
1 yolk
1 tsp water
drops of soya sauce

1) Heat Saucepan. Place a heatproof bowl over it. Mix peanut oil, syrup and alkaline water in the bowl. Stir till combine and warmed. Set aside till cool slightly.

2) Sieve flour into a mixing bowl. Make a well and pour syrup mixture int to the flour. Mix till dough is formed. Cover mixing bowl with wet toel and rest the dough for 30-45 minutes.

3) Divide dough and filling into require size of your mould. I just estimate…

4) Wrap filling in dough. Coat it lightly with flour. Dredge wooden mould with flour and put mooncake in it. Flatten it with your palms.

5) Dislodge mooncakes by hiting it. GET the ANGER OUT! =)

6) PLace mooncakes on lined pan. Spray with some water. Bake at 180-190C for 10 mins. Cool for 5-10 minutes and glaze it. Return the mooncakes to the oven for another 5-10 minutes.

7) Store mooncakes in air tight container and serve only after 2-3 days. This seems to even out the surface.


13 thoughts on “Traditional Mooncakes”

  1. really? the imprints will not be that clear? mayb becoz after baking the dough kinda “melts”. i hv the wooden mold but i’m too intimidated to use that. i heard u must soak it in oil prior to using and i’m thinking “where the hell am i gonna get so much oil just to soak the molds in?” LOL. last year i also tried using the wooden one for snowskin and the skin just got stuck inside. not a pretty sight 😦 plus all that knocking, i’m afraid it’ll spoil my table top and wake the neighbors :p anyway i realized the plastic ones are not meant for baked mooncakes coz its too shallow and doesnt allow the accommodation of a salted yolk. at least for mine lah. so nx year must find a deeper plastic mold, and i must tackle the baked ones by hook or by crook nx year!


  2. you´re on a mooncake making frenzy! ahhh .. i must buy those molds back when in KL this november! all this post and no mooncake being sold here is killing me lol


  3. btw it’s really true that you’ll need a wooden mould for baked mooncakes. coat it with flour and the mooncake will dislodge easily hehehe but i loved all those whacking :palso my lesson learnt was never never store the dough in the fridge cos it will melt!


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