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Healthy Chicken Rice

Where I come from, Chicken rice is a “must try”. Much as I love this dish, I try not to have this often since the beauty of the rice comes from the fat of the chicken. At home, I do a healthier version by cooking the rice in chicken stock, pandan leave, ginger and a few tablespoon of low fat spread. It’s not the same but at least it could satisfy the cravings before our next trip back home.

I marinated the chicken with some light soya, pepper, sesame oil and ginger. I used the steaming plate that comes together with the rice-cooker. Makes things alot easier! I stir fried some cabbage and egg to go with it.

The result was moist chicken. I was abit disappointed with the rice as it wasn’t as moist as I would like it to be. Next time, I will add more stock. I reckon it was probably because the rice was cooked longer than usual since steaming chicken obviously would take longer than the rice. Still I relish in having this dish with my grandmother’s home made version of the chili. Absolutely the best!

Healthy Chicken Rice (serves 4)
500 grams of chicken cutlets
2-3 tablespoon of light soya
2-3 tsp of sesame oil
3 slices of ginger

2 cups of rice
2-3 cups of chicken stock
2-3 pandan leaves tie in a knot
3-4 slices of ginger
3 tablespoon of spread

1) Marinate chicken for about 1 hr.

2) Wash rice. USe stock, ginger, pandan leaves and spread. Place into the rice cooker and then the steamer on top. Cook till done.

3) Serve with veges and chili!


19 thoughts on “Healthy Chicken Rice”

  1. Well, from down (up?) here it all looks pretty amazing to me. Do you know how to do the roast chicken version? I’d love to try it if you do.


  2. sounds delicious! i make something sort of similar at home, though I use bone in chicken thighs and let them cook over the rice in a dutch oven … Sooo good. maybe not quite as healthy as your version, though. 😛


  3. Interesting enough, one of my colleague is craving for the Chicken Rice at Kim San Leng, near our place…In fact, it’s been ongoing for a few days now…ha ha!!And yeah, where did the skin go to?


  4. mocha-so true!kenny-thanks to my grandma. =)ganache-nothing beats the version back at sg.dee- i wish i know.. but i dont! =( I think precious pea does a good job though. =)sig- chao tai! hehe. SHARP eyes! 3 forks- that’s interesting. I wonder what a dutch oven does?little corner-I might just take that shortcut tip! hehewmw-hehee. i like to think so..*wink*icook4fun-the real thing still taste better though.joe-healthy dear, healthy! hahaharuthie- i want roast duck rice at kim sang ling! I bought the thighs without the skin dearie. tigerfish- I used “brand love” from grandma! She make it all by herself with ginger and fresh chili. hehhee. sharon-me too! It’s a classic!


  5. Daphne, did u use basmathi or jasmine rice? when i make chicken rice, i usually mix those 2 types and use more water/chicken stock tahn i usually do so the rice is not to dry. 😉


  6. salt and tumeric-u r sharp. I used basmatic. Didn’t use jasmine because we prefer the texture and taste of basmati rice. I think that could contribute to the dryness as well. Good tip with the stock as well. I think I’m going to give it a go again. Kelvin- oh u hv to! U r such a creative cook. I will be interested to know what is your version of chicken rice. Ruthie-DOH DOH! U r SOO right. It is braised duck..esp with the rice and chilli.. oh no. Now I’m craving for it!


  7. Oooo I like your chicken rice! It’s pretty fuss free compared to the usual ways of making. Heh I love the fats in chicken rice … that’s why I prefer steamed chicken (with skin) over roasted chicken *oops*


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