Thai Red Beef Curry

I find curries fascinating. From the creamy Malaysian style curries to the sweet and thick Japanese curry, each culture seem to have a version of this thick spicy stew. The aroma of the blend of spices will work its way through the air and you can smell it even if you are a few blocks away.

Each week, I look for ideas for a one pot dish. Curry is a definite favorite. The possibilities are endless. Any left over vegetables? Well, it will taste fantastic in a curry.

This is my first attempt in making Thai red curry though. Certainly the lemon grass and ginger flavor came through in this.

While cooking this dish, I added 5 tablespoon full of paste into the work. WOAH. Big mistake. The paste is pungent stuff and the curry ended up too salty! It went alright with rice but Iwill lessen the amount next time.

I bought a tub of thai red curry paste instead of pounding the mix myself. So much easier and convenient. Compared to 8 years ago, the oriental stores in Perth are carrying alot of variety of curry mixes. Since it is difficult to get hold of fresh spices (i.e. fresh curry leaves, lime leaves) tubs of curries are God-send!! Woohoo!

Thai Red Beef Curry (serves 4)
300 grams of lean beef (yikes! cant remember which cut I used)
3 tablespoons of Thai red curry paste.
200 grams of sweet potato diced in cubes
2 peeled and sliced carrots
1 can of 500ML lite coconut cream

Rice to serve

1) Using the back of your chopper or a tenderizer, pound beef. Slice into cubes.

2) Heat curry paste in a pot. Stir gently till paste bubbles a little. Add beef and fry for around 3-4 minutes. Add vegetables and coconut cream. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.

3) Taste. Add water if necessary.

4) Serve with rice.

Ps- I’m searching for more one pot dish ideas. What other types of curries do you enjoy?

12 thoughts on “Thai Red Beef Curry”

  1. Many years ago, when I was an (over)eager young cook, I’d actually make my own paste. Thankfully, I’ve come to my senses 🙂 I love Thai curries!


  2. noobcook-it’s very tedious but i’m sure the end result will be nice.little corner- yes! that’s one of my fav too. But it has palm oil…sharon-it’s a delight. Quick too.tigerfish-ya! heaps around.dee-u r so hardworking!precious pea-that’s another one i want to try.sig- ;)mocha- how was it?jude-that’s really true.


  3. I really like curries of all types. Thai red curries are among those that I make most often. If you have the paste it is so quick and easy to make a tasty curry.


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