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Cantonese sweet corn sauce with crumbed fish and mushroom fritters

Hmm.. I think I have a habit of setting long titles don’t I? *mental note to self: write shorter titles!*

We watched Mama Mia yesterday! One word- HILARIOUS!

I’m going to try not to spoil the movie for you but….

-Meryl Streep was fabulous. So agile!

– Dramatic storyline but that is what a musical is about I suppose.

– Personal highlight, seeing Colin Frith in a tight bell bottom suit.

-Pierce Brosnan sang. In a not so good way. AND he took his top off.

I believe I did workouts on my diaphragm last night just by laughing. Real good workout. Who cares about situps, just watch Mama Mia.

I caught the musical when it ran in Perth. The singing was better there but the storyline is pretty much the same except it’s alot more dramatic.


Back to the food though. This is a loooonngggg back dated post. Real back dated. I was inspired by Mochachocolata’s post then and proceeded to make this dish that week! So it must be like 3 months ago?

My verdict The mushrooms fritters were fantastic. Healthy too I must add. Easy and healthy. Great for a Sunday lunch. I was too generous with the lemon juice on the cream corn sauce so it was a tad too sour but other than that, yummy!!!

I have also substituted crispy chicken for crumbed fish. A slight healthier version I suppose but real tasty. I’m not going to copy and paste Mocha’s recipe but if you are looking for light meal ideas, that could be one!


14 thoughts on “Cantonese sweet corn sauce with crumbed fish and mushroom fritters”

  1. lyrical lemongrass- oh yes!! Laugh away!ironeaters-hope u enjoyed the movie too?retno-what a combo! nice!little corner-yeah! light panfrying did the trick on the fish. little inbox-that sounds delicious!!bigboys- i’m sure! this one is a little different much to say the least.zen chef-i hope so =)babe_KL-hey there!


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