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Singapore Part 1

Where has all the time gone? I’m back for about a week and am freezing! Technically still on holidays at the moment but it certainly feels odd to be on the computer and not doing any thesis-related work.

AR brought me on a trip to Waroona a couple of days back and it was an enjoyable break. Photos later. =)

First up, a walk down the memory lane on my recent SG trip…

1) Crystal Jade La Mien Xiao Long Bao

Crystal Jade

Personally, I think this chain of restaurant is over rated. I found the skin of their xiao long bao tougher and thicker than the ones in Din Tang Fung and Lao Beijing. They weren’t generous with the filling as well. The Sour Spicy noodles was more salty than spicy. We shared a bowl and couldn’t finish it. I do like the texture of the noodles, it’s the broth that I hate! The mushroom pastry was ok but not fantastic.

Ngee Ann City
4th Level.

2) Flutes at the Fort Restaurant

Flutes 4th year anniversary

We were invited to be part of Flutes at the Fort cocktail party and boy was I glad that we made it. That day coincided with our “parents meeting session” and to be really honest, I was glad to have the glass of champers after that meeting.

What can surpass freshly pan fried foe gras, roast meat, oysters, waygu beef and champers of Moet and Chandron? It was an experience for sure. My first time tasting foe gras and waygu beef and I can see what the fuss is about. Melt in your mouth foe gras and tender beef. Luxury to the max.

The service was excellent. Staff made sure that our glasses stayed full. There was a excited buzz around the place and we had the chef coming over to our table twice to say hi. Love the colonial style decor as well.

3) Equinox, Swisshotel, Raffles City


I had the pleasure and honor to meet up with Evan from Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings. We arranged for high tea at Equinox and boy did we feel like “Tai tais”. Amazing views on the 70th floor of the hotel!

A good range of food available but their selection was disappointing. International high tea with a focus on Asian food. While their sushi and salad items were terrific, I wouldn’t say the same for their vegetable curry, which tasted off. The waiter tried to explain to me that it was “Indian curry” and therefore it should taste slightly sour? Well, I think I can tell the difference between the sourness of tomatoes and sourness from spolit/off coconut milk/cream?

Besides, is it true that Indian curries are sour?

I was also disappointed by the pratas. They were the frozen sort. Hello, in sunny Singapore and they serve frozen pratas? I don’t mean to sound like a snob here but you don’t pay S$35 to have frozen pratas…

equinox part 2
I’m a fan of their little dim sum pieces though. Lots of choices and quite tasty.

As for their desserts selection, the fondue was a pleasant surprise! They provided dark, milk and white chocolate which I thought was thoughtful. The chocolate was a little too watery for my liking but it is still chocolate fondue. Oreo in chocolate> Double sinfulness but worth a go. They had a great ice-cream topping selections as well. Dessert shooters were something that I have not tried before. The lychee/rose one was delicious.

equinox part 4

I had lots of fun with Evan though. We went around taking photographs, chit chatting and just admiring the lovely Singapore view. A friend found and cherished.

Part 2 coming up very soon!


7 thoughts on “Singapore Part 1”

  1. Very nice and you guys look so happy! And look at the wide selection of high tea, I each want a piece! LOL!Oh yeah, Indian curry used yogurt to make and it’s a bit sour in taste. But it shouldn’t be sour until it’s tasted like spoiled milk.


  2. “Is it true that Indian curries are sour?”Not too sure of this, though I’ve tasted some authentic Indian curries that had a tinge of sourishness, most of them aren’t… Hmm…


  3. Can’t forget the Flutes cocktail 🙂 Plesantly surprised by the quality and amount of food there!!Pity about Equinox though.. you’d expect top quality there.


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