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Airport Tears

The house is buzzing. The family gathered together. “Don’t forget this!”, my mother yelled. “Do you want to bring this pair of slippers?”, my grandmother said. “What’s the maximum baggage weight you can carry?”, my father asked.

Oh, the tough memories of leaving for Perth for the first time. Today marked my 10th trip to Perth over 8.5 years and whoever told you that it will get easier-well, that person is lying.

The tears might have stopped but the pain is still fresh. Leaving your favorite people and family behind to pursue a dream. How can that be easy?

Ever since I handed up that pile of papers, I have not stopped. Whether is it planning for the wedding, laughing with my friends, baking a birthday cake for princess Sophia, shopping alone, reading trashy romance novels, eating, talking to grandma and spending quality time with my mum or crying at a wake. Yes, I have been busy.

The love the my family and friends have shown is a blessing. A blessing that I thank everyday. There may be ups and downs, arguments and snappiness but the heart remains the same. It is what make us human. Oh yes, I’m talking about the foolish words and actions but the kind heart that I truly believe most people have.

What about love? Love is a funny thing. But love is what holds friends and family together. Faith is another abstract term but yet so important in relationships. Love and Faith-they go hand in hand together. Without one, friendships are broken and family ties lost.

So the ice-cream and coffee will continue next year. Till the next time we meet, the hugs we share, the tears we cry-

KL and Singapura: There will be no goodbyes.



6 thoughts on “Airport Tears”

  1. hey daph! time flies eh?worry no more…nowadays, maybe you can have video conferences ^_^before saying goodbyes…i normally kept thinking “ah, i’m gonna visit soon. gonna visit soon. gonna be back soon. gonna be back soon.” it works for me hehe


  2. Yep. It is never easy. I know. In fact, it gets more difficult every time. Take care there 😀 Maybe the next time you are bac in SG, I’m already back in SG.


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