Floggers and Food!

A few more days and I will be back in Perth. Yikes, so many more posts to go. I think I might do a summary post instead of individual ones.

This one has to be backdated to a few weeks ago, where I met the Malaysian Floggers. How can I NOT meet them when I’m on their turf? We decided to meet at Pick N Brew at 1 Utama. Being a coffee lover, I wanted to try what Jackson has recommended.

Alas, Ar and I fell ill with stomach flu the day before we met. Still, we refused to cancel the meeting. Brave smiles and cramping tummies, we managed to last through the session and boy were we proud of ourselves. The welcoming smiles from the floggers and wonderful conversation helped as well.
My coffee- probably against doctor’s orders but how can I resist? Beautifully brewed and I simple love the little pot that keeps the coffee warm.
Ar’s main and Lianne’s– Please beg my pardon because I can no longer remember what we ordered (must be the mixture of sickness + nervousness!). I think this was seafood pasta? Look at the jumbo prawn! To be honest, I found this dish lacking in tomato flavour-perhaps, i was too pampered and always used fresh tomatoes in making a similar dish like this. AR said he felt quite thirsty after having this as well.
My order- oat crusted fish I believe. I love this. The spinach mixture underneath the fish was soo soo good….The fish was on the dry side but the spinach made up for it.

Teckiee’s order- How did it go Teckiee?

WMW’s n Ashley’s main. It certainly looks good!

What’s a gathering without alcohol? *wink*

And a lovely slice of cheesecake by LifeVsAnime.

Weren’t we pampered?

Pick n’ Brew
1 Utama

Fast forward 2 days later.. and we met up with MORE floggers!
This time round, we met at at a roadside stall..and ate this fabulous fried noodles. I have no idea where were we then though.. LOL.

I couldn’t stomach (pun intented) anymore food. But couldn’t resist…

Apple Cheesecake from BigBoysOven

and the long awaited…

Macarons from them.

NOW, we were really pampered!

7 thoughts on “Floggers and Food!”

  1. Look like you had fun meeting the floggers. I have yet to try any macarons. Thought I would get to buy some at Vivocity on the last week when we go to Sentosa, but alas had to cancel the trip as my girls fell ill. Too bad!


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