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Malaysia Trip- Restoran Teow Chew Meng

We arrived in Malaysia via Aeroline comfy coach. We alighted at Sunway Lagoon.

Conveniently right outside J.Co donuts!
Notice my haircut?

AR’s mum came to pick us up. She recommended Restoran Teow Chew Meng and we readily agreed.
According to AR’s mum, the sharkfin mee sua is their signature dish. We were disappointed when this arrived. It was very starchy. There were hardly any sharkfin in this bowl. (not surprisingly, since it was RM$10).

The seafood porridge faired better. It was tasty and filled with prawns and fishballs. A dash of pepper made this a comforting dish.
Out of the 3 dishes, the 3 taste oysters was my favorite. Sweet, sour and spicy. this was the first time I tasted oysters this way. It went very well with the seafood porridge. The oysters were plump-which was a bonus.

A reasonable priced lunch. The portions were generous and filled the 3 tummies up. I would go back there just to try their Kerabu Mango-which apparently they are famous for.

Masak Masak
You get what you give..

Restoran Teow Chew Meng
Subang Jaya


10 thoughts on “Malaysia Trip- Restoran Teow Chew Meng”

  1. The 3-taste oysters does sound exotic and I live here in Malaysia! :PThe plumpness is very apparent from the gorgeous pics… I’m craving or chien now… fried oysters in egg… *slurps*


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