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Newton Circus- Seafood Galore!

One of the most popular tourist eating place is Newton circus. Usually I avoid tourist places but this is one exception. I like it because of the variety and the food is actually pretty good. It was AR’s choice of wanting dinner there-simply because he remembered the fun and lovely seafood we had the last time we visited SG.

It didn’t disappoint this time round:
We met up with my beautiful bridesmaid + best friend Peggy. Yes, she was being her cheeky self…
My adorable and understanding father.

Who can resist tender sting ray slathered with sambal?
My must order from Newton- Sambal Kang Kong!
The satay was too dry for my liking but on the bright side… that means it was healthier?
I couldn’t stop eating this. Oyster Omelette! This was SOOO good and they were really generous with the oysters too. The eggs was crispy and oysters were fresh. Just thinking about this makes my mouth waters. I suspect this was from Hup Kee stall 65.
The man and his coconut.


18 thoughts on “Newton Circus- Seafood Galore!”

  1. I haven’t had a coconut like that in about 16 months! And I am a HUGE coconut fan!!I think you can’t go past this place for variety. The food is just so good, each and every dish we tried.


  2. armand- coconut soon?evan- oh yeah!jackson- it was soo goood.lyrical-i can’t get enough of local food.tigerfish- hehe.little corner- more to your list ya?dee- thanks!zhenning- I’m really enjoying it all!kenny- oh yeah. I missed the sambal!Tummythoz- hehe. i hope i can still fit into my clothes.doggy- come over! u will love that!joe- craving yet?noobcook- =)bigboys oven-too bad, this one not as nice.babe-no worries.kyo- thanks!! i still hv lots to learn.precious pea- ya! sad that i didnt get to meet u. holiday is going well soo far!!!


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