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First Holiday Post

It’s day 4 of my holiday and I’m in bliss. Sleep, hugs and food does wonders to one’s mood.
Departing Perth. See that smile!

8 hours later (5 hours flight + 1 hr of sleep + 2 hours of catching up with mum)…

We arrived at Bishan Junction 8 food court.
My Yong Tou Fu order. I have been craving for FRESH YTF for a long time. Especially staring at flogger’s blogs on YTF! I had mine dry with lots of yellow beans, chili and sweet sauce. NICE! S$5-what a bargain for 10 pieces (I regretted ordering the noodles. I was so full just by eating YTF).

AR’s Laksa YTF. The gravy was sooo good that I haven’t seen him slurping up that bowl so quickly! See the before and after look:


Give that man a bowl of laksa YTF and sugar cane juice and look at that grin!

Yong Tou Fu
Junction 8
Food Court
4th Level


5 thoughts on “First Holiday Post”

  1. Seriously, this is why Singapore is a food paradise. Good food, anytime, anywhere. What a difference 5 hrs flight makes. The Yong Tau Foo was just excellent, the way I like it 🙂


  2. I keep thinking I’ll only see some updates here 1-2 days later but I forgot it’s only 5 hours flight! :OGosh, I have to bear with 12+ hrs of flight every time from California back to SG!


  3. I know the exact feeling of how it feels to arrive home after a long time away. It is so relaxing and you seem to have a care in the world and just eat shop and sleep to your hearts content!


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