Stuffed Spuds!

Mother’s day this Sunday! What are you going to cook for your mum?

Once again, I’m not there to celebrate Mothers day with my mum. I’m sorry mum =(

On the bright side, I will be back by your side next weekend!

To my dearest mother,

Thank you for your encouraging words when the tough gets going. Thank you for loving me and giving me the best in this world.

Love you lots Mum!

and if you are not sure what to cook for your mum yet..try these stuffed spuds! They are easy, healthy and delicious. I was mixing and matching my toppings. It was such a great way to get creative!

What are your favourite spuds’ topping???

Let me know!!!

Stuffed Spuds
3 scrubed potatoes

Poke holes all over them. Wrap them with paper towel and microwave for 20 minutes till soft. Remove and let it cool for a while before handling them. Do criss crosses on each potato.

Topping 1
3 slices of ham
1/4 cup of low fat cheese

Topping 2
Scrambled eggs!!!

Topping 3 (my favourite!)
Garlic mushrooms with mango chutney cream cheese! Yum yum!

Have a great weekend everyone. =)

11 thoughts on “Stuffed Spuds!”

  1. Oohh… I’ve never had Topping 3… Definitely would love to try that fusion combination! Happy weekend to you and have a greeeeeaaaat Mother’s Day with your mom! 😀


  2. This looks similar to one we had at delifrance! I made once with egg mayo…boring topping…haha. I’d love to try your versions, especially the mushroom! While ham and cheese is always a no-fail classic. 🙂


  3. Wow, I like the sound of the last one. That is really crazy sounding. Garlic mushrooms sound great and mango chutney cream cheese sounds wonderful, but together? Where did you come up with that?


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