Mango Mochi

Maybe I should re-name all these posts to “mango mania”. It wasn’t intentional but I realized that some of my meals/desserts that I have been making consist of mango pretty often. Oh, and I didn’t make them all at once. I just consolidated them into a series.

Inspired by a dimsum trip, I decided to make these little jewels. Mochi is one of my favorite sweets so I thought mango+mochi= perfect dessert!

I was a little disappointed by this attempt. Even though I used mango juice, the taste of mango wasn’t strong enough in the mochi skin. Perhaps some mango essence or fresh mango puree would make a difference.

I also used small cubed mangoes as the filling rather than mango puree, purely because it was easier to handle. It might be worthwhile experimenting with puree though. Oh! And I coated the mochi with shredded coconut rather than corn starch, which I felt was slightly too strong for this. In fact, I think this mochi resembles ondeh ondeh….

I have adapted this recipe from my previous attempts of making Mochi. Please feel free to provide some suggestions on how I could improve it further. =)

Mango Mochi
1 cup glutinous rice flour
180ml mango juice

1/4 cup sugar
1/2 mango in tiny cubes

shredded coconut for dusting/coating


1. In a glass bowl, combine flour,juice and sugar. Stir to mix well.

2. Cover with a plastic wrap and microwave for 2 minutes. Remove and stir well. Return to microwave for another 30 seconds. Stir-well and check for doneness. If not, put it back for another 30 seconds, be careful not to burn it. In most cases, the first 30 seconds after the initial 2 mins should be enough.

3. Flour the working surface with coconut and use a spoon to drop a ball of mochi on top and quickly cover it with coconut. Wrap the mango inside and cover with more coconut. Shape into balls. Moisten if necessary to close the edges. Pop in your mouth and enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Mango Mochi”

  1. big boys oven- yes! I love the insides of this mochi! Just the skin i need to work on…pawpaw-do u? me too! I can eat lots of mochi in one sitting. hazza-mochi and ondeh ondeh are different… ondeh ondeh uses sweet potato. Try it out! =)steamy kitchen- it’s super duper easy! U hv to blog it! Or better still, teach it to your audience!joe- hehe..thanks! yeah, too bland for my liking. babe_KL- no more already! hehehemocha-oh yeah! I’m such a mango fan. I love wandering chopsticks choco mochi recipe too! It’s the same just that she used nutella for filling! Which is a great great idea. tigerfish- as long as it explodes in my mouth! haha. Yeah, maybe puree will be easier. singairishgirl-hope princess will like this. jojo-wouldn’t say it’s creative. I coped from the dim sum place. kekelittle corner-yeah! singairishgirl was telling me to ad one drop…but no more than that. hv to go hunt for it.


  2. Hi, May I check with you 1 cup of flour will be equivalent to how many grams? Likewise for sugar, how much sugar do I add to make this mango mochi?Thanks!!Amelia


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