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Mango Sago

Sorry for the disappearing act for the past few days. Been a little crazy! The good news is I’m on schedule for planned deadline.

How can anyone resists mangoes? Mangoes and Durians are my favourite fruit-not necessary eaten together of course. Maybe having a favorite fruit runs in the family. My mum, auntie, grandma and I love mangoes!

So anyway, it’s the mango season in Australia now. One mango for AU$1. Really cheap, fat and sweet mangoes. On one of the warmer days, I decided to make a cool dessert; hence mango sago.

I love the way these little pearls look. Look at them shimmering and shining under the light. It’s a cheap dessert as well. Certainly worth doing it at home rather than having it in Yum Cha (or Dim Sum) restaurants!

Mango Sago
1 cup of sago
1 mango cut in cubes
4-6 teaspoons of sugar
1 can of coconut milk
1/2 pot of water + 1/2 pot of water

Boil water and add sago. Keep stirring till the sago becomes transparent. Drain and wash sago under cold water.

In the 2nd 1/2 pot of water, bring it to boil. Add sugar and stir till it dissolved. Lower the heat and add coconut milk. Add sago and mango. Add more sugar if required.

Cool and chill before serving.

You can also replace mango with honeydew, watermelon, peaches….etc!


16 thoughts on “Mango Sago”

  1. I have tried Oz mangoes in the UK before .. they were expensive Kensington mangoes flown in by air. We can get small mangoes here from 40pence, but they are the rather bland south american ones which are shipped rather air freighted. Hence, they were plucked raw and not so tasty even when allow to ripen. This reminds me to blog about mangoes, my favourite fruit, one day. As for your sago dessert, I first had it 10 years ago and loved it. However, like all coconut milk based desserts, I go easy on it as its very fattenning.


  2. Bought a packet of green sago pearls (pandan) because little princess said they were so pretty. But don’t know what to do with them yet. Somehow I don’t think think they’ll go with mango? Thought of making a pudding but don’t know how. Can help? 😛


  3. Hi thanks for visiting my blog earlier on. Sorry for not visiting your blog earlier cos busy with 2 kids. Luv your mango sago pudding. It is a lovely dessert. hihihi mango is in season now in Malaysia.


  4. AU$1 isn’t bad at all, and this recipe looks great. I had to look up sago — I haven’t seen it in my local Asian grocery store. Do you think tapioca pearls would work as a replacement? Wikipedia wasn’t entirely clear on how the two ingredients differ…


  5. big boys oven-i think i drank alot of it when it was warm..couldn’t wait for it to cool down.wmw-hehe, thanks for the recommendation! I had a screen full of mango!tummythoz-welcome! I would have probably ran the same way as u did too. heheehazza-true. Everything in moderation.little corner- oh yeah! tigerfish-hehe..rojak sago!wandering chopsticks-i’m with u on that. singairishgirl-emailed u. =) suesue-no worries!babe in KL- that’s a killer price! mocha-durian? mmm… yum! jojo-BUT malaysia have other fruits like mangosteens.liz- they are the same but buy the smaller size tapioca pearls!=) joe- hehe, i prefer to eat it whole..


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