Steak Sandwich

I came to realize that most men like steaks. Something about red meat and testosterone I was told. Certainly I like my red meat too but not as much as AR.

Steak sandwiches are extremely popular in pubs. I suppose they are also cheaper than a regular steak.

Usually I like to cook half a red onion till soft-it just goes so well with a steak sandwich. I ran out of red onions unfortunately, hence just have to make do with what I had that evening. Contrary to pubs and restaurants, I refuse to add tomato or chili sauce on mine. Let the runny egg do its job I say!

However, if the sandwich only consists of beef and red onions, then a tablespoon of spicy chutney would do wonders to a otherwise boring steak sandwich!

Multi-tasking is the word here. You want to make sure that your steak is still warm when you serve. I tend to cook the steak and eggs in individual pans next to each other at the same time.

Fresh bread makes a world of a difference. Lucky us, a fresh loaf of fig and fennel bread was on sale that morning (and baked that day too!). The sweetness of the figs in the bread adds another dimension.

Steak Sandwich (serves 2)
3 pieces of lean beef sandwich steak salted for 30 mins and rinsed
salt and pepper
olive oil
chili flakes
4 pieces of fresh thick bread (try Ciabatta, Vienna or Pane de casa)
2 eggs

Season beef liberally with freshly ground pepper, chili flakes, some salt and olive oil. Heat chargrill pan till very hot.

Toast bread.

Heat up another smaller pan. Add a tsp of oil in.

Into the chargrilled pan-add sandwich steaks in. Cook for 1 min and turn to the other side. Grill no more than 2-3 minutes. Rest steaks on another plate.

Meanwhile, fry both eggs till just done. Remember! U want the egg to be runny!!

Carefully assemble the sandwich by placing steak on the bottom and egg on top. Top with another slice of bread.

BITE into it!

14 thoughts on “Steak Sandwich”

  1. Like you, I don’t mind red meat, just not that much. I love that runny egg in your sandwich but I wld hv to eat it on a plate and can’t be running around with this sandwich in my hands.


  2. singairishgirl- true! I seldom eat red meat too unless it’s tender! AR likes it soo much though. Celine- hehe..looks like the vote is in. Girls are generally not a fan of red meat. Celine! U hv to eat more! Baby on the way-need more iron!!tigerfish-ya! Have to eat at home..away from the cameras and the public. Christy-hehe., join the club.xiu long bao- hey thanks! that’s a nice encouragement!! retno- =) tongue… now that u mentioned it….. joe- you have to read Jaden’s entry on how to make steak tender! That is a fail-proof method! teckiee- ooo..i wonder how difference will a steak sandwich tastes like in hanoi?cynthia- have one!piggy- oh yeah! yolky egg does wonders to a steak sandwich.big boys oven- haha.. no complains so far… lodoggbloggy- nice! have to let me know how it goes.


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