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Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah

There are moments when you feel overwhelmed by emotion. When I was baptized-that was significant. When I left SG for Perth-I cried my eyes out. When I walked up the stage to collect my undergrad degree-I knew my dad would be proud. When I presented my research proposal and was informed that I would be accepted into the program on that day itself-that was another moment.

But nothing could be compared to the day when AR proposed. The day when I know that things will change forever.

And that’s not even the wedding yet!!!

Last night, I was listening to Steven Curtis Chapman “I will be there”..and the overwhelmed feeling came about again. Wedding preparation has been slow but steady. The “action phase” as we called it is when we start booking things and last weekend, we booked our photographer for Australia. The payment done, the quote prepared-I looked at AR. “It’s really happening huh?” He said with a big smile: “Yes, and i can’t wait”

So last night, when we sat down and shortlisted our reception venues, slipping ice water (hot hot hot!) and munched on Jaden’s version of Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah--we listened to that song. Over and over again.

Being engaged-we have so much to look forward to. So much to discuss. It’s not just about the wedding but it’s about our lives together. Two different people wanting to be together-having to compromise, having to negotiate.

Both of us changed since we become engaged. More focused. We know what we are working towards to-and together we are a team.

Oh there are down moments. The many nights of not seeing each other much as I struggle with my thesis/work and him working hard for our future. We try to have dinner together and even then-it’s a rush..we meet and separate.

But last night was different. We laughed. We discussed. We split the work up. Decisions were made. Things are happening.

and then, the overwhelmed feeling came again- maybe it’s the song. maybe it’s the Nutella and Roasted Hazelnuts Challah.

But we are happy.

I Will Be Here Lyrics
Artist(Band):Steven Curtis Chapman

Tomorrow morning if you wake up
And the sun does not appear,
I will be here.

If in the dark we lose sight of love,
Hold my hand and have no fear,
‘Cause I will be here.

I will be here when you feel like being quiet;
When you need to speak your mind, I will listen.
And I will be here when the laughter turns to crying;
Through the winning, losing, and trying, we’ll be together,
‘Cause I will be here.

Tomorrow morning if you wake up
And the future is unclear,
I will be here.

As sure as seasons are made for change,
Our lifetimes are made for years,
So I will be here.

I will be here, so you can cry on my shoulder;
When the mirror tells us we’re older, I will hold you.
And I will be here to watch you grow in beauty,
And tell you all the things you are to me;
I will be here.

I will be true to the promise I have made,
To you and to the One who gave you to me.

As sure as seasons are made for change,
Our lifetimes are made for years,
So I, I will be here.
We’ll be together and i will be here.

PS- I have to thank Jaden for breaking my fear of yeast. I have plenty of dough in the fridge and I’m not afraid anymore. My only regret is that I didn’t put enough nutella in this challah! Never mind, it means I can have one more piece of bread. I will not posting the recipe here but do check out Jaden’s blog for a detailed step by step guide on how to make Challah and bread.

pps-this post is for you singairishgirl!!! Hope everything will be all clear and your hubby will be well!!!


11 thoughts on “Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah”

  1. What a SWEET post, Daphne, It made my heart flutter a little, but “Earth calling, Daphne! Carol! get back down here, we’ve gotta talk Challah!”But before that, my Dear Daphne, Ming & I will be married for 15 years this April and I love him to bits but there are days I came close to breaking a couple of the ten commandments simultaneously and in a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ manner I quote this very true er.. saying: ” Love is blind but marriage restores your eye sight.” I know you are busy with wedding arrangements, but have you considered Christian Pre-marital counselling? Jokes aside, I think its the most invaluable asset for your marriage. Think about it , Sweetness, it’s truly the best thing you two can do for yourselves. Ming and I did it and and I think a refresher course helps too, once in a while. Now to the Challah: You guys have been throwing Challah and no-knead breads in my face left, right and centre from all over the blogosphere! They look so yummy to this woman who’s long decided that she doesn’t want to bake bread because it takes TOO LONG and patience isn’t one of her virtues! I am feel bad to call myself a foodie! HA!HA!Did I ever tell you ‘Procrastination’ is my middle name? I will inform you when the baking classes are ready to roll, ok? Why haven’t we met for coffee? xoxo


  2. Cynthia-thanks sweetie. I think I was having a ‘moment’ when I was writing up the challah. LOLKitt-Yeah! perhaps it was my inexperience. The dough was really good with the hazelnuts though. Looking forward to your pictures.Carol-Christian pre-marital counseling classes, definitely! We arranged for that first LOL. Despite being all “mushy”, our feet is still on the ground! heheeh. The challah was great fun to do. Seriously, you have to try it. So is the no knead bread.And i’m up for coffee!teckiee- it is!! I made challah! it has nutella in it and it was delicious. LOLSteamy Kitchen- all thanks to you! Retno-love is indeed a great feeling. I never thought I will be that way. LOLsingairishgirl-I PROMISE! It’s very easy. The master dough yields ALOT of dough though, so you might want to halve it. LOL. Little corner- YAY! U noticed the challah! hehehe. I know I can count on u. hehehe.


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