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Sweet Corn BBQ Chicken Pasta

Another quick and easy meal! This post was archived in Dec and it’s already mid of Jan! Time is flying by so quickly. It’s abit weird because this pasta dish is planned for tonight’s dinner as well!

I’m not sure how i got the idea of this baked pasta dish from. It was one of those days when I wanted something creamy but not too heavy. Oh! and it has to be easy and quick to wash up. I need that, since my brain cells have been fried by SPSS (a stats program) + churning out sections and sections of my thesis almost daily (YEAH!).

So to cut the long story short, I need meals that are quick to cook and easy to swallow. =p

My verdict? I can’t get enough of this dish. As I said, that was the first time I made that and I was surprise by the end result. Chunks of chicken meat, creamy sweet corn and crisp cheese baked top. What not to love?

Sweet Corn BBQ Chicken Pasta (serves 4)
250grams of penne pasta
1/2 a bbq chicken shredded (or any leftovers)
1 can of creamed sweet corn
1-2 cups of low fat cheddar cheese
1 tsp of chilli powder
cracked pepper

Boil pasta till just cooked (just before it reaches al dente). Drain. Pre heat oven to 200C

Using the same pot (so that you don’t have to do extra washing up!), toss pasta, creamed sweet corn, chicken, pepper and chili powder. Add a dash of olive oil if it appears too dry but that shouldn’t happen. Ladle pasta onto oven dish. Sprinkle cheddar generously on top.

Bake for 20 minutes or till the cheese has melted and golden brown. Serve with salad.

Refreshing Baby Spinach Salad
1 packet of baby spinach leaves
2-3 tablespoons of toasted crushed peanuts
1 bowl of seedless grapes
dash of lemon olive oil

Toss all ingrediants together. =)


8 thoughts on “Sweet Corn BBQ Chicken Pasta”

  1. Singairishgirl-yes! I’m on msn! add me!!tigerfish-need something light ;p joe- that’s the beauty. It’s NOT cream!!! Creamed corn has no cream in it. ;p retno-very fast and easy..and tasty!teckiee-hhehe.. one pot dish. ;p little corner-i’m a big fan of jap curry too! Have the paste on standby in the pantry.


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