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Lots of Wedding gowns!

Hey ya! It has been AGES since I posted some wedding gowns photographs. Thanks to Peggy on her trip here, we managed to take lots.

You are welcome to comment on them and tell me which one is your favourite. =)Gown 1
Gown 2
Gown 3

Gown 4

Gown 5

Gown 6

Gown 7

Gown 8

Gown 9

Gown 10

From another place Gown 11 -U can see that this was waaaayy too big for me! It wasn’t pinned on me yet and I got AR to sneak a photo. ;p

Gown 12. Once again, that was wayyy too big for me and the stupid pins kept falling out! If I decide to go for this one (because i think it’s really really unique with the pink hue!), there will be changes made. The great thing about this dress is that it will be made to measure so I can alter and design it all I want within the cost! I find the lower part of the dress too puffy so perhaps tighten it a little and have a smaller train instead of that really long one. I might also add some embroidery at the end of the train.

What do you think? *wink*


12 thoughts on “Lots of Wedding gowns!”

  1. Gown 5 is simple, beautiful and suits your figure. The rest are nice too, but to be honest, Gown 6 & 9, the style not so suitable for you, I mean the upper portion style.


  2. singairishgirl- I like gown 2 too!doggybloggy- yay!!! annoymous- hi there.. who are u? =) littler corner of mine- hehee.. me too! hard to chooseceline- Gown 5 is probably my inspiration for an evening gown. culinary princess- Claudia is sooo cool huh? But I do prefer gown 12 than Claudia.. hmm.. maybe because Claudia makes me feel older ;p wandering chopsticks- kekeke.. oh yeah!!!


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