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Bacon and Cheese Creamy Pasta

Bacon and cheese are such well paired ingrediants. These ingrediants certainly do not belong to the “health food section”, since they are usually high in fat. Having gone through my weight battle, I’m certainly more conscious about what I place in my mouth.

It’s a big myth that losing weight means avoiding good food altogether. Sure I reduced fizzy drinks and chips, but they are not necessary good food either. I’m also such a cookie and chocolate fan so it’s hard to cut everything out entirely.

Creamy food is such an indulgence. A good one too. I remind myself that there are loads of calcium to be consumed in there. Besides, it’s delicious and fills you up.

and it doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

My version of Bacon and Cheese Creamy Pasta uses Skim Evaporated milk, skim milk, flour and a few tablespoons of spread. The bacon is lean and trimmed of fat. Despite the reduction of calories and the added benefit of calcium, you will be surprise to know that it doesn’t compromise in taste. Sure, it’s not as rich as a full-cream base version… but I rather save my calories for something sweet for dessert.

Bacon and Cheese Creamy Pasta
150 grams of lean bacon cut in cubes
1 cup of skim evaporated milk 98.5% fat free
1/2 cup of skim milk
2 tablespoons of margarine/spread/butter
1 tablespoon of flour
1 cup of low fat chedder cheese
Pasta of your choice

Cook pasta in a pot of boiling water. Drain.

Heat pan with bacon bits. Once it browned, remove from pan. Make white sauce by melting spread in the same pan. Add flour in. Stir till mixture turns golden brown. At this point, add in skim evaporated milk and skim milk. Using a sauce whisk, keep stirring till the flour mixture blended into the milk (approximately 5-10 minutes). Following that, add in cheese. Stir till cheese melts. Add in some water if the mixture appears too thick. Mix in bacon and pasta. Once combined, ladle it up and serve with a dash of freshly cracked pepper and your favorite side salad.

PS-I would probably use a flatter sort of pasta the next time I make this. This will probably trap the sauce better than the thin sort of pasta.


8 thoughts on “Bacon and Cheese Creamy Pasta”

  1. Little Corner- hehe..the award is soo cute that I’m keeping it for a few more days.. ;p big boys oven-yum yum! I think creamy sauce and bacon goes so well together!retno- hehe.. Soy milk is pretty nice toO!tigerfish-I find tomato base is lighter and easier to swallow! Creamy base makes me feel “full” easily.. celine- hehe.. alternatives i guess.. not as good as the real thing but close to!bigfish_chin- hehe.. it’s great to be able to eat without worrying abt the fat content!susan- I’m glad to hear that from you too!


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