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Day 3- Denmark and The Lake House

Day was spent exploring the town of Denmark, Western Australia. Yes, there is a Denmark in WA too and it’s not the Europe one. Far from it (literally as well). Denmark is a coastal town south of WA and about 45 minutes from Albany.

We kicked start the day with a big breakfast of lean bacon, toasted bread, runny sunny side up eggs (although some egg’s aren’t that runny by the time I serve them).

Then we headed to Greens Pool. Isn’t this the best way to start the day? With a great view? AR asked if I want to retire there.
Look at the clear and clean beach!

Tree top walk time!

Walking 40 meters above ground gave a strange serene feeling. It’s probably due to the abundance of fresh air. There was a little boy of 6 years old who totally freaked out due to heights. I was just behind his dad and I wondered how old can fear of heights set in? Is it innate or learned?

After that, we headed to a honey farm, macadamia nut farm, toffee factory and cheese factory! YuM. Pictures shown not in order and we visited some of these farms after lunch.
That was AR having a go at cracking a macadamia nut. It’s the hardest nut in the world. He did it!

We chose The Lakehouse for lunch. It’s a boutique winery serving platter lunches.
Wonderful scenery around the restaurant. We totally fell in love with the exterior of this place.

But NOT the service though. After waiting for about 20 minutes, we finally have a table situated outside the restaurant. Usually I do not mind alfresco dining but it’s a warm summer day and that means pesky flies!
While waiting, we took the opportunity to take a photo together. Actually that was an odd moment. I took a photo of Peggy and she took a photo of me… then this man came to us and said “let me take one of the both of you”. A kind passerby.
Yum! Olive Bread! Fluffy and soft. Went really well with butter.
My soup of the day. Carrot and Lentils. Everyone agreed that is good stuff. More like the nectar of carrot and lentils. Thick and fulfilling.
Platter for Two. I can’t remember the name of this one. We had Mt Barker smoked chicken, smoked sausages, ham, olives, brie and chedder cheese, chardonnay mustard, red wine chutney, vine leaves, water crackers and salad. We agreed that the bread and crackers probably filled us up. The brie cheese was lovely, soft and creamy. Brie is definitely one of my favorite soft cheese.

Did I mention that the service was horrible? We waited 45 minutes and our coffees/hot chocolate haven’t arrived yet. In fact, we FINISHED our lunch and the drinks still hasn’t arrived. It only did while I was at the counter paying. Although AR, Ben and I are sort of used to flies (but still hate it!), this meal was spent fighting away more flies than enjoying the food itself. And to top it off, when we feedback to the manager regarding this, she said “There is nothing I can do about the flies. What can I do about it? And it’s full house today so we are very busy.”

We weren’t too happy with that sort of response! There are so many ways of minimizing flies. First of all, they have a HUGE alfresco area. Have plastic covering over the roof, so that you can easily remove it should it be a cooler day. They could use a sticky fly trap or even an electric fly killer. It’s also the manager responsibility to roster enough staff on the floor that day. Unless of course, it’s management orders to have a certain number of staff to cut costs. Imagine this, a FULL restaurant and only 4 floor staff! We even saw the kitchen hand coming out to help!

So great place with beautiful scenery. Great food but BAD manager in handling feedback (Le’anne is her name). Go off-peak and sit INSIDE the restaurant for a more pleasant experience. Most of all, be prepared to wait up to 30-45 minutes for a platter of food which is obviously pre-prepared (how hard can cutting cheese and arranging ham/smoked chicken on a platter be?). The view, however is worth it.

The Lake House
106 Turner Road
(off Mt Shadforth Tourist Drive)
Denmark WA 6333
Tel: 9848 2444

All of us headed back to the apartment not long after this and took a 2 hr nap. Yup! we were tired after all those twists and turns in road + bad bad service from lunch.


4 thoughts on “Day 3- Denmark and The Lake House”

  1. precious pea-ya! it’s very peaceful.wokandspoon-it’s a really beautiful place..really unfortunate abt the service though. i guess it’s abt timing as well.little corner- hehe, not that bad but the bridge do swing abit.


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