29th of Dec 2007- Day 2 of Albany

It’s really fun doing these posts about the trip. Thinking about all those good times and good food that we had gets me going. I know that Ben and Peg are silent readers of this blog so I hope they get alot out of it just as I did.

Day 2 of Albany. It was a Saturday and we decided to explore the weekly market and town.

This is a market too good to be true. I went ga ga over so many stalls! Dairy products such as fresh yogurt, free testing of ice-cream (YUM!) , fresh vegetables (check out that huge red cabbage!), blue berries, cherries and strawberries.
I had so much fun experimenting with red cabbage later on!

Then, we decided that all of us are hungry and we scurried to look for some tucker.
York Street Cafe is situated at the main town of Albany. I like the bright and cheerful orange decor. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for breakfasts or lunches at small cafes like that. It just provided such a feel or relax start to the day.

AR’s Ciabatta bread toasted to perfection with strawberry jam preserve and butter. The bread is sooo fresh! I loved this! Looks like AR did as well!

Ben’s York Street’s breakfast made us go “WAAAHHHHH”. The portion was HUGE! Mushrooms, 2-3 streaks of bacon, TWO sunny side up runny eggs, grilled half a tomato and 1 HUGE sausage. Served with two slices of Ciabatta bread and tomato chutney, this was to die for. The toast that Ben was eating had runny eggs spread on it… arghhh.. sooo gooodd justtt looking at it.
Peggy’s sour cream lemon cake. Rich in flavour, this cake was good but it was too heavy.

My scone! Look how huge that is! Served with strawberry preserve and butter, this scone was baked to perfection. It was light and fluffy inside. I couldn’t finish that by myself.

Good coffee/hot chocolate, lovely breakfast and wonderful company. We started the day relaxed and happy!

Next stop!

That’s not even Frenchman bay yet. We are about to enter the bay when we saw this. We visited the Natural Bridge, Gap, blow holes and beautiful beaches. We climbed rocks and got our feet wet. We saw and admired God’s creation and just… stared in awed. It was at the Natural bridge/The Gap that I was truely relaxed and felt refreshed. It was just amazing how looking at God’s creation made me feel wonderful.

There wasn’t anywhere I wanted to be at that moment in time. Speaking of the blowholes, we climbed dozens and dozens of steps. I can’t even remember how long it was but it was a good exercise. Personally, there was a big thing as I remembered huffing and puffing 4 years ago when I was really overweight on that bout of steps and this time round, I was able to walk up together with Ben and even laughed and joked with him. It was a great sense of achievement. I also have to mention that BEN and AR WALKED on the rocks, steps and beaches with their old slippers!! Especially Ben as he was wearing those cheap thongs! Kudos!

OK! Fast forward to our dinner.. Coldest BBQ ever!
Peggy trying to be enthu about drinking beer…
and failed.

We were trying to introduce her to Aussie bbq so Ben insisted that she needed to have some beer! Why we have a German (?) beer on Australian shores was beyond me but then again, Ben and I did favor Heineken than Aussie beers.. *oops!
We had good fun bbqing on a COLD COLD COLD evening! ARGH. We did our bbq at Middleton Beach which I wondered if it was a good or bad idea. Cold wind was blowing at us and the bbq was taking ages to heat up. So our plan sort of failed in introducing Peggy to an Australian style bbq but we err… warmed up by jumping and trying out silly dance movements (more like Peggy trying out and the rest of us warmed up by laughing … although I do ADMIT that I tried dancing with her for a while and laughed at myself too).

6 thoughts on “29th of Dec 2007- Day 2 of Albany”

  1. You two girls are so sweet and pretty! BBQ in a COLD day, hahaha…an unforgetable experience right? I tried picnic in a cold day once, eating nasi lemak while shivering, what an experience and for sure the last time. LOL!


  2. yammlicious-ya! that was seriously good breakie! Christy-happy new year! We did!!!Little corner- hehe..ya! like u, we will never have a bbq in such cold temperatures again! but an experience that we will not forget. ;p


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