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Christmas Eve Dinner

What a beautiful Friday! After 2 days of really hot weather (on the 24th and 25th), we are back down to cool 20 C this morning. The boys are off to grab the car for our trip down to Albany, hence my chance to blog.

Christmas this year was spent with wonderful people. Since we had plans for Christmas dinner, I decided to cook up a storm in the kitchen with Peggy for our Christmas eve celebration. Peggy was a great help and I wouldn’t be able to complete it in time without her. Monday was hectic as we headed to the city for a short tour followed by gown fitting (again!?). This time, I have 2 people to provide their opinions. For those who are loooking forward to seeing the gown photos, I will post them up soon.

Back to the Christmas eve dinner. This was my first time preparing something like that. Usually, I’m back in SG and having er.. hmm… prawn noodles/ban mien in S11 (a food court) in Ruth’s place (*sobsob*). Anyway, I decided that we will have turkey, ham, salad, mash potato and cranberry sauce. It was a great experience as everything we bought was easy to prepare. I glazed the ham with some honey and popped it into the oven. The turkey breast was stuffed with cranberries and macademia nuts-again, store bought so all I needed to do is to put it into the oven for 2 hours. Everything else was easy to prepare.

Hang on…did you spot anything wrong with this table setting??

Did you see it? Peg forgot to set the *KNIFE(oops, i did it again)! :p
Dessert! How can we forget the fondue set that Ruth and Peg got me for birthday? I have been wanting to use this for the past 2 months!! Fruits prepared were banana, grapes and mangoes. The strawberries turned bad and we couldn’t used them… =( Dessert is complete with our favorite late Picked Chenin Blanc wine from Lancaster winery.
US! From left: Ben, Peg, Daphne and Armand.

oh! The boys are back with the car. We are off to ALBANY for 4 days. WOOHOOO!!!!! See you then!


9 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Dinner”

  1. Celine- happy new year!little corner- aren’t they? they are so sweet too! heheteckiee- To u as welL!!!!! Happy new year!Jackson- it was a lovely sweet dinner. =) big boys oven- as promised!bigfish_chin- thanks thanks! Blessed new year too!


  2. Wah! The trip looks very good! Wish I was there with my family. Would love to visit the wineries, macadamia nut farm, and the cheese factory. The photographs really tells everything 🙂 Now Australia replaces Japan on my dream tour…hehe


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