Cicerella’s Seafood and il Gelato Ice-cream!

Grabing a few moments before we run off again. It’s 39C in Perth at the moment and it’s only 10:30am! We are roasting here!

A definate place that we enjoy bringing friends to is Fremantle. That Saturday when Peggy arrived, we headed to Freo for dinner. After the busy prep work for the party, I was ready to relax with my friends (and not think about cooking, washing up..etc). Ben being the kind person that he is, shouted us this dinner as an engagement gift to us.

We walked around Fremantle quite abit but finally decided on sticking to Cicerella’s for their seafood platter. The casual informal dining got our attention as we didn’t want an over the top expensive meal.

The grill area certainly looks appealing.

As we were waiting, we started posing for the camera.

Look at the size of the platter!! That’s for TWO!?!?! We ordered another grilled fish with salad and chips as well. The seafood platter was FANTASTIC! If you are in Perth and in Fremantle, do order this.
It’s good value for $ at $60 as well.

The calamari was beautifully crumbed. It’s fresh as you don’t get the “it’s sticking to my teeth” feeling.

The chili mussels? Great sauce! We even used it as a dip for our chips.

This fish has a melt in your mouth texture. All of us were surprised by this. Usually, places offer deep fried crumbed fish but not Ciccrella’s.

This was the grilled garfish we ordered. Quite disappointed in this as it was rather dry!

Look at the clouds- it was soooo cold that evening!

We headed to the sand area of Fremantle.

Then we decided that all of us have some room for dessert. Unfortunately Simmons has closed and in it’s place is il Gelato. Look at us enjoying it!!

Peg and I acting funny! haha.

7 thoughts on “Cicerella’s Seafood and il Gelato Ice-cream!”

  1. singairishgirl- oh! u hv to try the platter next time u r here! this is seriously good stuff! always hv room for ice-cream.. hehelittle corner- yeaH! it’s a craze in Perth now!yammylicious- don’t imagine man.. it’s BAD! real bad!tigerfish- that’s why we have the icecream to cool off..hehehezen chef- haha.thanks! rasa malaysia- yeah! it was great stuff!


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