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Engagement Party + Merry Christmas!!!!

Hey everyone! It has been a busy BUT happy few days!!! Two of my closest friends arrived from their respective locations over the weekend and the house has been filled with lots of laugther and joy. It is truely a blessing to be with them…and even better when they are here in time to attend our engagement party.

Speaking of the party, it’s exactly the way we wanted it to be: Informal, casual with lots of catching up and eating with friends and extended family.

Be warned! I have lots of photos in this post! I thought you may like to celebrate it with us on this blog even though some of you are not physically here.

That was before the start of the celebrations.
Some of the food…

 People walking in…

Peggy posing with my 2 princess ushers (who helped decorated the guest board too!)

Everyone looking and listening to…

AR thanking everyone for coming…

Pastor saying a few words and everyone prayed for us.

Lunch time!!! We had so much food! I made chicken mango salad, egg sandwiches, savory bites…

Chili capsicum dip with water crackers, carrot sticks and cashews. mmm

Everyone’s favourite-Sushi from Yuki Japanese Place at Collins Road.

Mrs Mac’s beef pies and chicken sausage 
rolls. Aemy brought fried rice + fruit and nuts salad rice..Linda brought some fried bee hoon. 

MY favourite!! Malay Kuehs!!! Thanks Auntie Annie!!

Tapioca chips, cheese platter and.. I baked the dark chocolate cheesecake brownies =) I really like this recipe!

Look at the masterpiece!! Didn’t they do an excellent job designing the guest board? I loved it!

Oh my goodness!! We GREW up together!! We were from the same Primary school and attended the same church in SG.

My uni girlfriends. =) I had to stand on tippy toes to take this photograph with them. They are so tall and pretty! 

More friends…

Neighbours- very blessed to have them as neighbours. We get along very well with them.

Extended family

Thank you cookie boxes!

It was sooo much fun catching up with people and relaxing with them. Ar wasn’t in alot of the photos because we were in opposite ends of the room! (and somehow the photographers aka ben and peggy were with me..). We were missing one person badly though-Peggy, Ben, AR and I would really like Ruth to be here with us but unfortunately due to work committments, she couldn’t be here. =(

The next few days  will be jam packed with Christmas festive activities (aka church + lots of eating). I will be back for more photos and write up. In the meantime,


Stay safe and take care!


10 thoughts on “Engagement Party + Merry Christmas!!!!”

  1. Many congratulations to the couple. It looked a real lovely and casual gathering of very good friends. What a wonderful way to spread the joy at Christmas. You must have worked really hard to get all those goodies on the table, as well as those cookies. And such great friends you have to help out with all that food preparation. Time for a rest now after the Christmas season.A blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year, Daph. May God bless you and your dear husband-to-be especially as you now prepare for your wedding.


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