Oysters and more Oysters!

Ah! Another Monday! Feeling the Christmas spirit yet? I love the Christmas festiveness. The weekend flew by as we went gown fitting (again!?), birthday lunch/afternoon tea, groceries shopping and even headed to IKEA. It’s getting really exciting as the engagement party is next Saturday! The fridge is STUFFED with food. The cherries are in season, mangoes are plentiful….I’m in fruits heaven. (not that we are just serving fruits..haha).

The only downside is that for the FIRST time, that’s right..FIRST time in my life, I’m not celebrating Christmas in SG with my family and friends. I got abit homesick but quickly distracted myself with puppets from IKEA. I told AR that we bought the puppets for the children who visit us often but he didn’t believe that one sec… he said it’s probably more for me to play with (oops!). I do have a special visitor (aka one of my bridesmaids, best friend, sister) coming over this coming Saturday to lessen the homesickness (but it’s still not the same). Well, actually, I was suppose to have another special visitor whom I’m looking forward to giving a big hug too BUT HE IS DOWN WITH SHINGLES and might not be coming! ARGHH!!!

See my emotional roller coaster ride? Happy, homesick, happy, sad…

Speaking of which, are u sick of looking at wedding gowns yet? hahha

Here is the best one I tried on this weekend:

The gown name is “Claudia” from Dion Bridal from Maggie Sottero. You can head over to the website and scroll to see “Claudia” on a model. =) Unfortunately we have to sneak using a camera phone to take this photo hence the poor quality! Have a look at the website for the actual photograph. All these while, I tried on fingertips veil but this one nearly touches the floor and I LOVE the effect it gives. Pardon my arms there but I was trying to get my hair in a bun to see how the veil looks like. After trying this gown, I can kiss “Vienna” goodbye since this is cheaper than that one and I think it’s so much nicer. So it’s back to Claudia vs Natasha. s

OK! Moving on to more food related stuff!

Can you believe our luck when we went grocery shopping and they were having a OYSTERS demonstration! Fresh shacked oysters SAMPLES! Now, I know the main aim of the supermarket is to sell those oysters and we fell for it. Usually I wouldn’t have bothered since we wouldn’t know how long those oysters were out there but since the guy was shacking the oysters freshly, we bought a dozen for $10 (isn’t it a bargain?!).

Fresh oysters with lime juice.. yum!

Then I decided to play around with some bacon, cheese and Worcestershire Sauce and tried making Kilpatrick oysters. We were in a rush, so the cheese wasn’t melted properly. Still, I was pretty generous with the lean bacon and Worcestershire sauce just brought it to another level.

Besides oysters, we also had edaname!I love this snack! They are so addictive! Either thaw it or boil it in saucepan of salted boiling water and then enjoy. We had this with some cold soba noodles but the photos turned out ugly so it won’t be posted here. Better luck next time perhaps!

11 thoughts on “Oysters and more Oysters!”

  1. WOW! Don’t you look SMASHING! looks like you’ve got Christmas all wrapped up AND have extra time to go gown hunting! You must be very organised, Daphne! Oh, I love oysters Kilpatrick too, it’s the ONLY way I’d eat oysters.Answering your question (sorry I got back to you so late) , those jars are from IKEA for $2.50. Did you see them when you were there? Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Daphne! Please extend my wishes to LUCKY LUCKY AR too!


  2. Little corner- one u start, u can’t stop! My packet can be gone in 2 days!zen chef- thanks! haha, it’s a good combi! I do like mine fresh as well though. Joe- some versions have but others don’t. I think it depends on the restaurant. Most of time, I like fresh because the natural taste is there.Alvin- ooo..lucky u!!! dhanggit- me too! ^5Lyrical lemongrass- *virtual one to u* singairishgirl- oohh. I love the sound of the long train!!!! Yeah! I like simple gowns, not too big but it’s fun trying some designs, like playing dress up ;p wenching & esiong- yeah! It’s really fresh! That’s the way to have them huh? =) Carol- u r such an encourager! U guessed it! I’m a list person! hha.the house is full of to-do lists ;p I did see those jars! and i thought of u immediately! hahahha~ Have a great Christmas too!


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