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Parcels of surprises with sexy pretty asparagus

Finally! A photo to show you. Remember my First time in a wedding gown? This time round, I managed to sneak a picture! HEhehhe. Only one photo though. Thanks to Min who went gown fitting with me. We waited till the lady walked out to choose another gown for me and then Min’s quick fingers slided the camera out and took one photo just before she walked in again. Phew.. .

Honestly, I was slightly disappointed with this bridal place. Of the 6 or so gowns I tried, this was the best one.Even so, I didn’t felt like it was “the gown”. Not to mention, this gown is waaayyy over budget. Really expensive due to the hand stitched swarovski crystals.

Ready? promise you won’t laugh…
Presenting “Vienna”

And guess what I spotted? A photo of the gown Natasha in a magazine from my previous visit to Hobhob. The one I went gogo gaga over it and it’s still within budget.

The difference between the 2 gowns lies in the beading and material used. Somehow, I still prefer “Natasha” -not to mention it costs $1K LESS than”Vienna”!

Next Saturday, another friend and I are going more gowns fittings! Hopefully, more photos can be sneaked in. *hehehe*

While I dislike the heat from summer, I simply adore the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fresh white mushrooms, green spears of asparagus, yummy mangoes/grapes/peaches/nectarines… The possibilities of cooking with these ingredients are endless.

For a quick but ‘impressive dinner’ one evening, I decided to play around with the pack of puff pastry I bought previously. Stored bought puff pastry is so versatile. Most of all, it makes everything tastes better! ;p Guess I like the crispy feeling that the pastry provides to the meal.

Parcels of surprises with sexy pretty asparagus

Intrigued about what I placed in the parcel?

This one has chicken sausage with cheese. hmmm

1/4 piece of chicken breast wrapped with honey baked ham and stuffed with cheese. The fluffiness of the pastry went well with the cheese and chicken. It’s abit like cordon bleu I supposed?

And my ultimate favourite dish of the night..
Grilled sweet potato, mushrooms and asparagus with splashes of lemon infused olive oil and crunchy toasted pine nuts.

Now, who says you need to break the budget for such a meal? Total cost: $15 for four servings.


13 thoughts on “Parcels of surprises with sexy pretty asparagus”

  1. The pattern of the gown suits you! Imagine with a bridal headgear, bouquet of flowers, white satin heel sandals, you’ll look sooo beautiful for the memorable occasion!


  2. omg you look so good in the gown! all the right curves in the right places :p i thought u were getting married. so when r the wedding bells ringing for u? 😀


  3. Cynthia- It is! I didn’t know how good it feels.. hahainspiredmumof2-hehe, remember our exchange about mushrooms and asparagus? ;pauntie jasmine- *blushed* thanks.(to others: yes! She is my REAL AUNTIE!)rita- it is indeed tiring but adrenaline gets in ;p evan- hey dearie! NOW i’m really blushing. wedding bells not till May 2009 BUT we have 3 locations to plan so stressful ah ;)Joe-thank you! Will be sure to remind AR of that. kekke. Doggyblogg-it is a difficult decision isnt it? hehe, i love these parcels too! they make a simple meal looks great!wandering chopsticks-i know! SO EXPENSIVE! The practical me is saying “i dont need that many crystals for the few hours event!” little corner of mine-i was trembling a little when I put on natasha.. maybe that’s a sign! hahha. I love the roasted veges! It’s such a simple meal yet the flavours r delicious!


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