3 in 1 tag

Oops! Little Corner tagged me yons ago and I finally have a chance to do it today! I’m actually not sure why this is call they 3 in 1 tag ;p but will give it a go anyway! hehe

1. A movie that made you laugh.
Erm. The only one that came to my mind was “Christmas with the Kranks” Must be the re-runs adverts on TV.

2. A book that made you cry.
A walk to remember-Nicholas Sparks

3. A Best Friend.

Ruth, Peggy, Ben, Hazlina and AR

4. A favorite childhood memories.
Celebrating Chinese New Year with my family.

5. Your favorite animal.
Puppies (can’t take the girl out of me)

6. Your favorite food.
Grandma’s ginger chicken and black vinegar pork (usually made of pig trotters but I prefer lean pork meat! hehe)

7. An item of clothing you cannot do without.
Black pants

8. Something you collect.
Recipe Books!

9. Your favorite store to shop in.
Depends on what. Clothes- Witchery. Vegetables-Subiaco Markets, Meat- Butcher shop in Northbridge.

10.Your favorite flower.

I would like to pass this tag to:

Joe lots of craving



5 thoughts on “3 in 1 tag”

  1. inspiredmumof2-ya! it is a short one. phew. And this time round, CNY I’m not even back at SG. =( doggybloggy-hah, thank you. Hopefully they taste better than they looked. little corner of mine- hehe, can’t bit that atmosphere during CNY i think.


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