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Foo Gwai Chinese Restaurant

Finding good dim sum can be a challenge. Over in Perth, we are lucky enough to find decent restaurants serving reasonably good dim sum. Most dim sum places here hire Hong Kong Chefs-which I think is an added bonus.

There are 2 dim sum restaurants that we go to. Foo Gwai is about 10-15mins drive from our place. I know that dim sum often features alot of meat but in Foo Gwai, their seafood dim sum takes center stage. Usually we would have ordered their mussels and squid- but the trolley seems to run out of dishes really quickly that afternoon =(

First on our list was their egg tarts. This was disappointing. I remembered Foo Gwai’s egg tarts to be flaky. This wasn’t. However, it has a melt in your mouth texture. Egg tarts from Foo Gwai brought back sweet memories for us. Mr AR rang and ordered egg tarts on a weekday and delibrately left work early just to pick those tarts up.
Black Bean spare ribs. Good stuff! Very tasty.

Beancurd roll- one of my favorites. Usually there is a seafood version as well. Anyhow, i remembered this being “ok”.

The waiter wasn’t able to explain what the above dish was! Not even in Cantonese. Since it contained green stuff, I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, it was filled with big juicy prawns and spinach. Really yummy.

Siew mai! Full of meat! They were huge! This is another “Must order”.

Do not order their siao long bao. Their siao long bao is like siew mai with a thicker skin.

This is what we came here for. Their prawn dumplings. The skin is thin but inside it, it’s filled with generous amount of prawn meat! I think there must be 2 prawns in each dumplings.

Nevertheless, it was a quick lunch and we were in and out under 45 mins. Total cost was just over AU$22 including Chinese tea and chili.YES, this finally settled my dim sum craving that was going on for 2 months!! Thanks to all those delicious posts that other bloggers have been posting! ;p

Foo Gwai Chinese Restaurant
755 Canning Hwy
Applecross 6153


11 thoughts on “Foo Gwai Chinese Restaurant”

  1. Kelly- Yeah! Definitely worth going to!East meets west kitchen- I know! that’s how i feel when I read other blogs during this time too. Timothy- Welcome!!!! Come back again! Yes! I do miss Malaysian and Singaporean food regularly… miss my grandma cooking even more.tfp- u hv to try. Let me know. =) Jeena- thanks for stopping by! love to visit your blog. Come again.


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