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Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s the time of the year again… to stuff ourselves silly with mooncakes! Lotus paste wrapped in golden casing of sweetness, or perhaps you would like the less-traditional version of durian mooncakes? Either way, enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Mooncake, Lantern, or Mid-Autumn Festival Three different names but in Chinese, they mean the same (Zhong Qiu Jie) thing. On the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calender, the moon is the shiniest and most beautiful. As a child, dad used to recount the store of “Chang Er” where an Emperor ordered an archer to shoot 10 suns. When the task was accomplished, a goddess gave the archer a pill that promises immortality. His wife took it instead and flew to the moon.

But the story that I really dig and the one that I think contains more truth is the war story. China was going through a tough civil war. Mooncakes were used to smuggle secret messages to the troops and to co-ordinate responses. Obviously the troops won-if not, we wont be celebrating it! :p

Whichever story you believe in or perhaps don’t believe in at all, mid autumn festival is a fantastic time to sit down relax, have Chinese tea and just admire the beautiful moon. Afterall, it is God’s creation we are admiring!

Let’s start by admiring the box of mooncake that we bought.I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have a chance to try making mooncakes this year. I couldn’t find the mould here =(. Oh well, granny bought a few for me in SG already so there is always NEXT year! We are lucky enough to have these beautiful imported mooncakes from Malaysia Overseas restaurant. So far, we tasted 2 and they were lovely… yummy delicious. The one that is feature here is Emerald Mooncake or one made using Pandan Paste. The other one that we ate so quickly… was the Durian mooncake! Something different I supposed.

Tonight? I’m going to have the fruit and nuts one! Oh! and not forgeting the traditional lotus paste one. Favorites!!!!! If only we have snowskin mooncakes….*Dreaming*


9 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival”

  1. Kelly- u have to find one and try!! Seriously!Little Corner- The pandan one was lovely.. wish I can have another piece! hehehe. It certainly looks similar!!Big boys oven- Oh yeah! lets!!!!!babe_Kl- ya! Overseas exports to Perth for the past 5 yrs or so! Very nice. It’s about AU$36 BUT those freshly made ones in AUS not as good!! and even more expensive!! Like approxi AU$40! I rather have overseas any day.


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