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Braised Mushrooms with Siew Yoke

It’s funny how I never cooked in SG but really got into the habit of doing so here in Perth. Food is associated with feelings and this particular dish is no exception.

This dish is a Cantonese favorite. Being granny’s girl means I grew up enjoying eating this without needing to think! Just show up and eat! LOL When she visits me in Perth, this is one that she re-creates over and over again. We are big fans of mushrooms, so it was a sure big hit among us when she cooked it.

Sure, it is not a “throw everything in a wok and fry” dish, rather, it requires a bit of patience. Having said that, it is an easy dish to make. Not so healthy but definitely easy!

Siew yoke or roast pork was bought from our local favorite roast shop. Man, that is one thing in Australia that I dig- the roast here is GOOD. Authentically good. Crisp skin and tender pork. yum. Don’t be turn off by the sugar added to this. It is what makes the mushrooms look so shiny and delicious!

Braised Mushrooms with Siew Yoke (Serves 4)
1 bowl of dried chinese mushrooms soaked in hot water for 1hr. Remove stems.
500grams of Siew Yoke/Roasted pork belly
1 tablespoon of garlic
4-5 tablespoons of dark soya sauce
2-3 tablespoons of light soya sauce
3-4 teaspoons of sugar (i honestly think my grandma added ALOT more than that, add 1-2 teaspoons more if u dare!)
about 1-2 cups of stock/water
Pepper to taste

1) Gently fry garlic with olive oil in a heavy pot with a tight lid. Add mushrooms.
2) Add all sauces and sugar. Stir. Add about 1/2 cup of stock. Lower heat to low. Braised for about 1-2 hrs in low heat.
3) Check every 40 mins or so- adding water when it appears dry.
4) After braising for about 1 1/2 hrs. Add Siew Yoke in.
5) Stir and make sure the meat is coated with all the goody sauce.
6) Cover for about 20-30 mins.
7) Season with pepper to taste.
8) Serve with hot steamy rice!


12 thoughts on “Braised Mushrooms with Siew Yoke”

  1. hi dearie, didnt know you’re good in making chinese dishes too :p they look great!oh btw, thx for yr help with regards to the PB cupcakes. ahh looking at yr recipe vs mine, there’s a slight difference. yours uses 1/4 cup PB whereas for mine’s a whooping 1/2 cup! and the porportion is 1.5 cups flour instead of 1 cup, otherwise the rest of the ingredients look more or less the same. so that explains. we use the same amt of liquid (1/2 cup milk) but there’s more flour + peanut butter, no wonder mine’s so dense. i’ll try yr recipe soon, i’m sure its a whole lot better than mine. thx for sharing once again =)also im wondering if i shd switch to using cake flour instead of plain flour. do u think it’ll make any difference to the texture, perhaps more fluffy & cake-like? im referring to other cakes as well.


  2. Hi Joe!- No lah! Not sick of outside food. More like outside food WAY too expensive!!! Besides, cooking more fun mah. Little Corner- hehe.thanks. Have to learn lah.. how to get homecook food when I’m away from home? ;p Kelly- definitely! WAkkon aka grace- thanks thanks!Teckiee- hehe. ya. I’m a lucky girl. She visits me once every year. =) Evan- hehe.. ya. I try to cook a mixture. Variety mah! Will reply u via your blog.


  3. east meets west- yes! It”s a food world there man. Every corner I turn to, I see food. Here, it’s a different story. hey, if my granny adopt you, won’t that make u my aunt? nooooo…. i think u r too young man! πŸ˜‰ big boys oven- come over!!!!


  4. if you like mushrooms, this is heaven for you πŸ™‚ It happens to be my favourite vegetable, and this dish is awesome for us πŸ™‚


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