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Out of place update (pun intended)

This is not exactly what I meant for Part II of “what i hv been up to”, however, I’m having “the case of a missing camera charger” and so I can’t d/l pictures from the camera to the computer yet. This is going to be an odd post as I will be recounting my trip to KL, Penang and SG later!

For those who have no idea that I have left Singapore again…


Some updates
Clinical Placement – is up in the air at the moment. The supervisor who confirmed the placement with me last nov has recently resigned and obviously will not be taking any students. Apparently, I have been allocated the ONLY child placement in Perth this semester so there isn’t any other places to go to. I’m waiting to see if there is a kind and generous Clinical Psychologist in the same hospital who might be willing to take me on. If not, I have to wait till July which will put my research + write up in a dangerous position.

Office Space– After sending emails to people involved and talking the the poor admin person who was caught right in the middle, we have finally been allocated a space for the year. Previously, they wanted to shift us to a place temporary and then to another mid-way through the year!

Due to lack of storage, the university is going to build cupboards for myself and a fellow coursemate. And i think because we were persistent enough, mobile phones will be allocated to us due to the confidentiality and sensitivity nature of our research (all in different areas). I learned that being assertive pays off.

Although, I wonder if it is a good thing to have an extra mobile phone! Maybe I should put a restriction on the times i have it on and switch it off in the evenings.

Granny is in Perth!– she has officially taken over the television, kitchen and garden. At least she allows me to use the oven! hehehe..

That’s abt it. I have so many pictures to post! Oh man, just thinking about the food in Penang makes me drool. Not to mention the relaxing RM120 spa treatment for mr ar and me,.. so worth it! I want to go back there….


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