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Positive thoughts

1) We can renovate the house. Painting and redecorating is fun.

2) I have fab OT and SP students sharing the office with me. Seriously, it has been great working with them.

3) According to my supervisor, my report writing skills improved over the 4 months that I have been in DSC (with the exception of last week..)

4) Tight budget means creative meal ideas. In other words, we eat whatever Woolworths or Coles dicate us to eat.

5) Health department pays more than disabilities sector.

6) There are people willing to participate in my research.

7) Brumby’s multigrain bread tastes lovely-especially with sunflower seeds on the crust.

8) Instead of sitting for exams, I will be invigilating them. FINALLY! The tables are turned.

9) There were students who actually appreciate what I did and found my comments useful.

10) There was a student who thought I was stupid enough not to think there might be plagarism. I do check references.

11) I finished marking 30 stats paper in one week.

12) No, I honestly don’t think I’m cut out to be a stats tutor.

13) Individual differences or Adolescents? I can’t decide who to tutor for next semester. I might make the decision based on how many assignments I have to mark. Although I need the money, I want my health too… (not to mention my degree).

14) Green curtain looks ugly.

15) Honey drink tastes sweet.

16) My placement is ending next Tuesday and I have no idea where I will be next.

17) Crap, it’s getting more negative…

18) Just 1 1/2 year more to go….


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