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I’m seriously starting to think I have nothing to blog about! My life is quite mundane these days. Well, let’s just put it this way, the most exciting thing that happened in the past week was that I drove a brand new car. No, it’s not mine (I certainly wish it is mine) but by luck, I happened to book a brand new car on my placement for my weekly long drive to Armadale. It’s not delibrate mind you. It was more like they changed the car after I did the booking.

Perhaps the next interesting thing that happened was a talk with my supervisor on our drive back. That session happened to be one that she decided to observe me in action (yeah- new car on the day that supervisor chose to observe me. God’s sense of humour?). She is expecting a new baby and was commenting that she do not understand how her friends can function with 2 televisions on and a toddler playing with a noisy toy AND hold a conversation with her at the same time. The conclusion is that my supervisor might have autism tendancies. *rolled eyes*. Yeah great, having a supervisor with autism like tendancies. THe next conclusion is that maybe…. just maybe…we can’t function with too many background noise (over stimulated) as we grow older. Age related?

You can tell that I admire my supervisor/s. Well, mainly my main supervisor. Her natural way of handling questions and throwing it back at clients still amazes me. I do appreciate her transparent way of giving me feedback-not hiding what she thought about my performance but neither did she hold back her praise. Sometimes, you need those constructive comments to go on. She taught me how to accept feedback- or even ask for feedback from clients.

And maybe.. the third interesting thing that happened was that I currently hold the title of “Tutor that has the most students with extensions for lab report for Methods 1”

Anyway, this current placement is ending and I’m wondering where will I go next. I honestly enjoyed this placement. The cases that I saw was totally different from what I had last year. By being in their family home, you face a whole new different set of issues and problems.

The staff at DSC have been great. I feel valued as a student here. My thoughts were taken into consideration, my case presentation was taken seriously. Suggestions remained as such-they did not say I was doing anything wrong but just supported me through the process. I attended their staff meetings, learnt about the organisation … etc. If it was an attempt to brainwash me in liking this placement-they have succeeded.

Not to say there isnt any problems though. There always will be. But hey, I’m a trainee arent I? I can just enjoy the ride, go over the bumps and wait till the next one comes up.


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