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Triumph in the Skies

My dad came home to a scene where his mother-in-law, daughter and wife sat together watching TV. Three generations, hooked on to the same show. Triumph in the Skies is on cable TVB, cantonese. Since it was produced in year 2003, i reckon they were trying to get people to have faith with the newly built HK airport.

The story line is simple: trainees aiming to be pilots. Since love sells, no serial drama will go without throwing in some trangle-sort of problems + unrequited love. Being the hopeless romantic, I found myself drawn to it. *kicking myself hard*.

It had been so long since the 3 of us (namely myself, mum and grandma) got hooked onto the same show. In the afternoon, grandma and i will watch the repeat and have a discussion of it whereas I talk to mum abt it in the evening when she gets home. Since i read all about the story online, I had to give both mum and grandma the run down of what will happen in future episodes. Now they are all excited abt it…

I feel closer to grandma and mum during this trip back to Singapore. Grandma likes to talk to me about her childhood and working days, wheras mum talks to me abt work related stuff. Mum NEVER used to talk to me about work. She even asked if she is using the right counselling techniques with her younger staff (as if i can help much..).


Side tracked- Do u remember Cherie Ann? The girl grandma used to look after? The one and only girl who calls me “jie jie” and made me sing “I’m a little teapot” countless times?

She is 12 years old now.

She still hugs the teddy that I gave her.

She is coming to visit us this CNY. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Triumph in the Skies”

  1. Hey.. I’m so into the characters of Zoe and Samuel :p Hooked onto it man.I read online about the story so I know the ending..etc etc.. but ooo.. exciting.It’s like me and huan zhu ge ge. =)


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