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Some things never change

1) The hot humid weather in Singapore.

2) Grandma’s love for shoes (including high heels and nice strappy ones). She likes the open toed ones with HIGH (and i mean HIGH) heels. She scoffed at me when i said i cant balance in them…… Now that vintage is back, she kept pointing shoes from mags to me. No…i cant wear them.. NO, i’m too clumsy…. She LAUGHED at me. My grandma, laughing at me………….

3) Grandma’s love for feeding me (this morning, it was cheese and bread! Finally.. hehehe, something healthier).

4) Dad’s love for wine.

5) Dong zhi family dinner. The feast plus we the conversations.

6) Chinese dramas- The 9pm one is quite funny! Now, to improve on reading chinese words.

7) Grandma’s cooking- still as delicious as ever. Nothing beats home cooked food. I want my Black vinegar chicken!

8) The study room is saturated with mum’s stuff.

9) Mum took over the wardrobe that grandma and i shared…. My poor dad no longer has a wardrobe. He hangs his clothes behind the bedroom door.

10) Skinny and TINY girls in Singapore. How in the world can they be so skinny? I feel so clumsy man. BIG and CLUMSY.

11) The wannabe ah-lians from my sch last time (i say it in a nice way, because they r really nice and friendly girls). I saw them in Suntec the other day with their high heels, thick make up and tiny clothes…..

12) Pretty girls from my sec school just became prettier. I met Meishan, one of the sweetest girls in my class. She looks even sweeter now! =)

13) My mother likes action packed movies. She wants to watch KING KONG!?!?!?

14) My computer at home died.

15) Grandma refused to let me help her mop the floor. Ok ok, her territory, the kitchen and the floor. Most current addition, THE REMOTE CONTROL for cable tv…… (ok, this is something that changed).


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