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I was clearing out some stuffs, when I found 3 boxes of letters and cards. They were filled with thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories. I didnt go through all of them (if i did, i might be still sitting on the carpet, reading) but I saw some really really heart warming ones.

If you are wondering if i still hv your card/letter/picture that you sent, chances are, YES. I didnt throw any away.

Btw vel, do you remember your first birthday in Perth? That big apple strudel? Yup.. i found the pics!! Even the nice card that you gave, encouraging me to hang on despite the horrible semester that we had…

I even saw Kian Ann and Aibee’s wedding leaflet.

What about the Keroppi letter envelope from Peggy? Oh man, it reminded me of the days when i went on a hunt to find nice envelops and letter heads to write on. Now, I use white or recycle paper (if i still write).

Ting- JC letterhead!! I still have them! :p Those were the days you wrote in your lectures!

Ruth- those nice gel pens writing? Ah…. I kept every single letter that you sent me. Including the ones you wrote before I left. I treasured them.. Yes, even the one that i read and cried on the plane. The air stewardness was like “?!?!?!”

Jac, Jia and Wanyi- Those nice cards man.. *sobsob* i found pictures of us with the flutes.

Some interesting birthday cards..including TWO from Jackson and Armand. The first card says “happy 1st birthday”, the second card was “Happy 9th birthday”. That was for my 19th birthday of course. Trying to be funny huh?

Or the one from my parents.. which in the front said “you are intelligent, lovely,..etc etc.. ” and then ended with “Of course, you got the genes from us” Interesting thing was, 2 years later, Mum sent me the SAME CARD……………..

Do you remember the bag I wrote about for my birthday. I found another bunch of bags in a container from mum too.. oops…

Also, i saw some really horrible pictures of myself-worthy for entering “The Biggest Loser” show. *SHUDDER* Please, NEVER let me return to that again.

Anyway, back to my cleaning and clearing. Honestly, if I die the most valuable assets I have are books and papers.


3 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. those were the days we relied on snail mail to keep in touch… right now, i think the only time i write to you is during your bday.. nothing beats chatting to you face to face on your annual pilgrimage back to sg… i’m looking forward to that!! btw, i’ve managed to get a job.. will be signing the papers tomorrow mrng and start working on 21st dec… looks like we haf to meet up in the evenings..


  2. That shouldnt be a problem =) To think u were worried about getting a job- that’s pretty fast! Keep updating me about it!! I do miss the snail mails we used to write. it’s strange isnt it? Although nowadays, I feel that time is moving so fast that I dont think i have change much since last year. Except maybe, just maybe, gained a few good recipes for making cakes and pasta.


  3. well well… for now let’s just say i’m working in a bank, not in the front line but in the back office kind of job.. will tell you more when you’re back.. i’m trying to enjoy the last few days of my holidays before i start working… time really flies huh… i love to be in dreamland, cos i’m always 18 there………..


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