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Pros n Cons

Just slightly more than a week more and I will be back in Singapore.

Pros of returning
1) Finally a chance to catch up with my family and friends.
2) FOOD- ban mian, chicken rice, grandma’s cooking, dumpling noodles, old chang kee’s curry puffs, prawn noodles, yong tou fu…. HERE I COME.
3) Shopping- need i say more?
4) Cheap gym. This is to balance up number 2.
5) Transportation.
6) Living Praise
7) I dont have to shout into the phone anymore (dad cant hear well)… oh crap, i dont want to shout AT him… cant decide if this should be in the pros or cons section.
7) My cute little cousin Issac…..

Cons of returning
1) The girls r so tiny, I’m not sure if clothes fit me. Also, i dont want the gosspy aunties to start commenting on anything…
2) Humid weather
3) I dont have my own room= no place to put my books or things. I will also be accused of placing my books ‘everywhere’
4) I cant do baking or cooking (In Singapore, the kitchen is out of bounds for me).

Will update if i think of more..


3 thoughts on “Pros n Cons”

  1. i’m sure you haf lost enough weight to fit into the clothes here.. not to mention that the shirt i gave u for your bday was M and it was too baggy for you… i think u are exaggerating too much..cant wait for u to be back… we shall go for the wanton noodles at the coffee shop k?


  2. Dont know ting. That’s like the underlying fear? We shall see ya. Yes! Yum.. My favourite dumpling noodles from that little stall.. the wonton is good too.. mmmmmm…


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