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bacterial vs viral

whatever it was, i cannot remember feeling so miserable for 6 days for a long long time now. 39 degree fevers, throwing up, coughing up all kinds of stuff (i mean literally), nausea, giddyness, headache and a stuffy nose just aint pleasant.

Anyway this is the 7th day and I finally stepped out of the house and back to uni. All thanks to poor mr R who took care of me these days. Honey lemon water, mug of water, cold towels, fraiser episodes to watch, assurance, speed dialing for a doctor on a public holiday (that was hard), food that i can keep down (that wasnt easy either)….without him, i probably would not have made a recovery today.

I have to admit i wasnt a good patient either. Spending 5 days in bed isnt funny- i’m not the sort that can just ‘rest’. Rest to me means reading (which i couldnt as i was having all these headaches), watching tv (no shows), going somewhere i enjoy (obvious reason why i couldnt), sleep (think my body was in conflict abt that, one on hand i slept too much, on the other, it needs to get some respite from all the external attacks), laugh (throat hurts)…etc

In other words, resting when i am sick feels horrible. Fine, i am more familier with working. there, i admit it. =(

I am suppose to pace myself after this attack of virus/bacterial (or a combi of both? doctor couldnt tell!) slower and take things easy. For the first time, i got an extension for my presentation. Suppose to present last night-there was no way i could talk without spitting out a furball first. Will be presenting on week 13 instead =(

Well, i AM glad that my health is slowly returning. Makes me realised how i took it for granted sometimes.

For those who thought of me and/or prayed for me- Big hugs and thank you 🙂 I appreciated it. If you didnt, it’s ok. just say yes to make me feel better anyway.. :p


7 thoughts on “bacterial vs viral”

  1. Ruth will always be the special R. Anyway, i hope i am back on track now. It better be, I cant afford another 3 days off campus. It’s ok ben- i know you are just checking to see if i am ok.


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