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celery and carrots

Blame it on PD- I have decided that my favourite snacks from now on would be carrots and celery. Apparently, if you munch on them all day, the energy needed to digest them would be higher than their calorie content. Therefore-weight lost! ok- fine, and then you need exercise to maintain them. Of course, I would probably turn orange and green by the time it works…..The other thing of course, is to eat ice (i am sure my dentist will disagree).

Is not just me, is the whole bunch of girls in uni that decided that celery would be their snacks from now on as well. You should see our mini-fridge…I could count at least 1 container of celery and one bunch of them…

Since i need to lose more weight, might as well.

Let’s see, I had two ‘weeping’ sessions in PD’s office last week for no apparent reason at that pt of time. I told him it was just a bad week. He had to Q me on 1) sleep, 2) pleasurable activities, 3) mood.. etc. I looked straight at him and say “PD, i am NOT depressed, i am just having a bad week. Having a student yelled at you, parents arguing in front of you and a client that said she hates psychologists and asians, and u and Pia pressuring me on client hours does have an effect you know” He laughed, at least that worked.

The good news is- so far, i’m not failing my placements. Apparently they have to inform us in the next few weeks if they think we are not doing well. PD said Cl and I are doing fine and we are not failing- which is always good. I am getting quite nice feedback from PB about my videos (wait till next week, i reckon it is not as good). PB (child supervisor) is amazing sometimes, she watches pretty much ALL our videos. Cant hide from that woman.

The merger of curtin and murdoch- SW (clinic coordinator) apparently was nervous about it. Well, it seems that curtin only start their placements on 2nd semester of their first year and seeing ONLY 2 clients a week (I am sure V will agree with me on that one.. 2.. only 2…) and having alot less supervision than us. I dont think the merger will do the clinic any good though. The positive thing is that the department will get more funding-something that the university desperately need to grow. Oh, and revamp the LIBRARY for goodness sake. IT is PATHETIC.

Other than that, University of Perth sounds…. weird so is Curtin Murdoch University and Murdoch Curtin University. =( Of course, there are other things, such as the quality of teaching, student-staff ratio, treating students like numbers…etc etc. U get the hint, i’m not that into the idea of the merger.


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