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tics n tacks

The end of R n B’s stay in Perth. It has truely been a challenging 10 days (7 for ben) while i juggled with reports, after reports, after reports and going sight seeing with them. Nonetheless, who can forget the sunset icecream we had on Cottosloe beach? Those cute quokkas in Rottnest, clothes shopping in Harbour town, quirky London court, freo town, the cold house (sorry folks.. no insulation, take pity on my hsemates and me… ), long chats…etc etc.

Thanks for providing me company and being so understanding as I put my work first.

and yes B, i am still in shock with you carrying me on scarbourgh and attempting to throw me into the sea!!!!! =(

And to Ruth- your dinner was good!!!! See, cooking isnt that hard.

hope you guys enjoyed your stays.
The trip to rottnest was refreshing. The wide skies and greenery was relaxing. The guides were good and the walk was fantastic. I wont hesititate to go again (if i hv $) for a short getaway.

Back to my report, this is bugging me. Telling myself… soon soon soon.
On another note, I was reading V’s birthday list and was chunkling to myself. I remembered her msn “dionk” when i said i wanted an apron for my birthday last year =( What’s wrong with an apron?

Another semester is approaching. I hope i can have a quiet weekend before the chaos happen again… meeting clients, scheduling work, tutoring, assignments… i want december to arrive soon.
Calmness, quietness, stillness. How people take these for granted. How people take each other for granted. Look, it is certainly not hard to do a little housework, be a little considerate and have a little initiative. No initiative?-seriously, we are no longer 6 year old kids who tug behind our mothers’ skirts and await for instructions. No longer are we children who think the whole world revolves around us or actually believe that we have no responsibilities towards each other besides than themselves. Such childish behavior and thoughts still exists- to my disgust. Respond and Act. Change, regardless how hard it is. More excuses? That is how selfish a person can be.


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