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It had been a bitter sweet experience for the past few months as a trainee psychologist. Car crash, house break in and medical scares just sort of top it off further.

If you ask me how is it like being a trainee psychologist, i have to say i enjoyed working with all my clients. yes, even the tough ones (i think one teacher hates me now!). When they cry, you want to cry with them..when u found out that their performance IQ is above average, you laugh and u cheer. When a client said she felt alot better since she started treatment, you jump for joy..when they come in to a session and say this week isnt as good as they hoped, you take a deep breath and be ready to jus back track the sessions a little.

It is not all rosy though. I lost count of the number of times my tongue slipped and i said something that i shouldnt have (AND I knew it at that moment!!!). I did not forget the times when a parent wanted me to side with them against the teacher (!?!?!) or perhaps the client who tried to overstep boundaries by asking me personal information.

OH! did i forget to mention the amount of paperwork i found myself buried into? Reports, case files, session notes, records of phone calls, summaries of meetings, supervision notes..etc etc just to name a few.

I went through weeks when i think.. CRAP i make a horrible therapist.. my poor clients.. I still think that way though.

Your heart warmth as u see the session progresses. U get connected and attached to your clients, at the same time, u want them to be out of here… to embrace the tough world again. Yes, i still standby my belief that u dont hv to stay with your clients forever.

Juggling between course work and seeing clients isnt always easy. You feel bad when a client noticed that u r tired.. and even though u want to dedicate more time to them, u cant…coz u r only human.

One more practical thing i learned- U can have many kind of homemade sandwiches and salads for lunch.


11 thoughts on “trainee”

  1. i feel old.. waking up at 7am pretty much everyday except during weekends. i do agree with the different flavours of cup noodles…. there is a hot water dispenser in the clinic but no microwave oven!


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