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Surrounded by papers

Currently preparing my assessments resource file. I wonder if 1 volume is enough..from the looks of it, one ring file doesnt seem sufficient.

U know how i spoke about my supervisors and lecturers.. I found out that i should be glad and grateful i’hv got CL. Apparently SW is even worse. Heard from one of her supervison grp members that she said nothing positive about her work. She was also critised for having an accent that is not australian(?!!?!??!) and a melodic voice (!?!?!?!). Apparently, she is also harsher on mature age students. Everyone seems to be on tippy toes around her now. Including me.

Weekend approaching. and then resource file. and then exam on tuesday. Time files.

I wonder why do ppl want to do IQ test when they have enough evidence since pri sch that this poor kid isnt doing well in almost every subject but home econs and languages. Should we subject this person who knows that he isnt doing well since young for another 2 hours of torture reinforcing the fact that he isnt good in academic stuff? (bearing in mind that IQ test cant test his cooking skills, which is what he is good at…).


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