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it is fast approaching the end of the semester. Ok, so in theory it is the end of the semester. For those lucky ppl out there where hols (n exams) are fast approaching… good luck.. =)

In respond to v’s blog..which she blogged a few days ago (or is it few weeks?)….this is my turn in giving u my thoughts abt clients and the red tape…

1) Crying
I am actually quite fine with clients crying in front of me. In fact, i am glad they cry coz that meanst they r in touch with their emotions. It is better than hving someone who is emotional disconnected in front of me. Crying, i can handle. It is a healthy way to express their feelings anyway.

What do i do? Similar to what v said. I listen. And wait. Sometimes that is all u hv to do.. they want someone to listen..and crying will just make them feel better. I do try to look at the underlying msg and address it..rather than ask head on “what r the tears abt?” (roll eyes.. if u hv guessed, yes someone said it).

Wont i get affected? Of course. There are many times where i can feel some tears swelling in my eyes…when i hate to say.. i agree with how bad their situation is at the moment. But when u r just focused on the person infront of you.. the tears just dont flow down. Yes, u feel it…. but your focus is not on yourself. That makes it slightly easier i supposed.

2) Dr. Phil and other self-help books
For some reason, clients love them. pop psychology books… until… they come in to the therapy sessions, raving about how they do relaxation exercises.. but ended up doing chest breathing instead. I guess there are good and bad books….. but it is amazing how alot of people just diagnose themself by reading them.

I guess… i was shocked and surprised when i know my client being thrown to psychiatrist to psychiatrist… changing medication like it is the only solution..and ignoring other possible things we can do… It is really sad that we are actually feeding our next generation with pills instead of doing the good old long-winded way of solving problems.. when the good old winded way of solving problems.. can actually be a better long-term solution!


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