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low profile

i guess i shld hv learn that frm v last year…. the more you try to keep a low profile, the more your profile gets highlighted.

anyway, to cut a long story short, it seems that a couple of my lecturers are asking me to speak out in class. They claim that since i know my stuff, i shld not keep quiet in class. In fact,they reckon it is a good way for me to practice presenting case formulation. I said that speaking in front of the mirror is good practice too (or infront of laptop) but they think otherwise.

all because i speak out during supervison group and answer those questions that maybe i shldnt hv answered.

of course, the main bulk of the comments come frm CL (maybe he realised alot of ppl dont talk in his class..), claiming that since i answered other ppl’s case presentation well (he directed the questions to me! i wonder if he was trying to stump me?), i might as well participate more in his class.

CR gave up i think..nowadays, she directly asked me for answers in class. 😦 not that i cant answer them… i just dont like speaking out in class unless it is necessary!! Necessary means that i hv a strong pt to make or a question to ask. Not picking catfights or arguing with other coursemates (thus wasting class time).

*chants* low profile low profile low profile


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